[Video] Sean Kingston Alleges To Have Slept With Serena Williams

Posted On : 11/14/2017

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — So, Sean Kingston is out here airing out his and Serena Williams’ laundry. After a few shots, Kingston is singing like a canary.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1‘s Charlie Sloth, via Smashed With Sloth, Sean found himself answering a few personal questions about his love life.

NOTE: There’s a misinterpretation going around that he had sex with Serena “days before her wedding,” as reads Real Cool Nation. Serena’s not even married yet, so how can that be? 

Well, the reality of the situation is that Sean is doing an interview “days before” Serena’s wedding. However, for Serena’s and Sean’s sakes, the only timeline Kingston gives during the interview is regarding his jet ski accident in 2011.

ALSO: The wedding is happening this year in New Orleans, says US Weekly.


To digress, during the interview, Sean Kingston was asked to tell truthful tales about those he has “adult wrestled” — i.e., sexed.

When Charlie Sloth asked of whom was the biggest celebrity Sean had “adult wrestled,” Kingston responded, “Serena Williams.”


This isn’t the first time Sean Kingston has let some outlandish material flow out his mouth. However, to elaborate on his response, Kingston mentions as follows.

“It was amazing!…Serena Williams, that was my dawg. That was somebody I really looked to for advice. I used to always workout with her. She was just somebody that really, really looked out for me…Actually, when I was in my jet ski accident [2011], she came to visit me like every day, like 7 days straight…”

According to Sean Kingston, he was knocked out in the hospital and didn’t get a chance to see her, personally. However, he says there were paparazzi pics about it.

She’s just always been a great friend of mine; but, $300 million, and all she wears is Nike tracksuits,”Kingston mentions.

(This is possibly how Serena’s watching his interview.)

Anyway, he furthermore states that — when they’d go places — she would never allow him to pay for anything. She picked up the tab on their expenses.

However, apparently that didn’t a ring bell with him. During the interview, he admits he was young and dumb. While she was older and wanting something different, he didn’t realize what he had at the time, Kingston says.

If you’re interested in the full video interview, it’s located below. His “Serena” portion starts around minute marker 00:10:45.

It’s amazing what we can see in hindsight, right?

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