(Video) Families Mourn The Loss Of 2 Beautiful Young Mothers Found Dead In A Car In Horrific Way

Posted On : 10/09/2017
Martina Webb, 24, and Aliyah Igartua, 21

Police are still trying to determine why Gary, Indiana women, Martina Webb, 24, and Aliyah Igartua, 21, were in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tewana Gill, a friend to Aliyah, shared with Eyewitness News that Webb decided to ride to Indianapolis with Aliyah Friday night. Gill shared that Aliyah is from Gary and allegedly was visiting her mother. She is trying to understand why anyone in Indianapolis would want to do harm to the women harm. Sadly, we may never know as both Webb and Igartua were found dead in a burning vehicle.

Here’s What We Know:

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department received a 911 call on late Friday night, September 29th, that a vehicle was on fire. As firefighters put the flames out, they discovered that 2 bodies were in the vehicle. According to Wish TV, a neighbor’s boyfriend alerted the authorities after he saw the flames.

My boyfriend called the fire department and told the fire department that he seen flames and when he seen the flames he came in and woke me up, said one neighbor to Wish tv, who asked not to be shown on camera. I started crying because I thought it was my friend, and, you know, I watch out for everybody over here in this neighborhood.

Because of the severeness of the flames, firefighters had a difficult time identifying the make and model of the car right away. Eventually, the coroner identified them as Webb and Igartua, both from Gary, Indiana, and said each had a gunshot wound to their head. Police have not made any arrests and have not given any information about a possible suspect.

Martina Webb and Aliyah Igartua ‘s bodies were found shot in a burning vehicle.

Both women were very young with their lives ahead of them. Aliyah was a mom of 2 and she recently gave birth over a month ago to a baby girl. In addition to her new baby, she was the mother of a son as well. Webb was the mother to a son as well, 6 year-old Marri Manley.

Aliyah Igartua and Martina Webb were both mothers.

At this time, police said they are still following leads and have not release a description of the suspect or motive. If you have any information that could help police with this case and other unsolved homicides please contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at (317) 262-8477.

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