Size Does Not Matter! “Thick” Woman Stuns With Video On The Pole

Posted On : 08/01/2017
Ro’Yale started pole dancing after a crisis of confidence sparked by a separation from her husband.

At one point in her life, Ro’Yale revealed that she didn’t know who she was. A lot of changes had occurred in her life. She had just turned 30, her marriage was in trouble, and she just wasn’t fun anymore. Not feeling like herself, Ro’Yale decided that she wanted to do something different.

Trying Something New:

After separating from her husband, Ro’ Yale decided to join a pole dancing class at a place called Vertical Joes. It didn’t take long for her to realize that pole dancing was her calling. Her pole instructor, Fiya Starta, recognized Ro’Yale’s talent and was immediately impressed. Ro’Yale enjoyed the class so much that she suggested her instructor should create a class for plus size women only. Agreeing that it was a great idea, Fiya Starta shocked Ro’Yale with what she said next.

I remember getting that email when I was offered a position as an instructor, I just remember screaming,’ said Ro’Yale to Metro. I was very excited, I was actually shocked. They saw that I was passionate about wanting to bring something different to the studio that they didn’t already have.

Ro’Yale is skilled at balancing on the pole.

When Ro’Yale first started pole dancing class, she lacked confidence as she was constantly worrying about showing too much of her thighs as she was always pulling her skirt down. However, with encouragement from her instructor, Ro’Yale became more confident and embraced her body. Now, she wanted to teach other plus size women to do the same. Once Vertical Joes put the word out about a plus size pole dancing class, it instantly became popular as curvy women wanted to learn from another curvy woman.

Ro’Yale posed with her husband Rahiem outside Vertical Joes pole studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eventually, Ro’Yale and her husband hooked back up. However, he is not a fan of her pole dancing class as he views the class as vulgar. With her new confidence, Rahiem, Ro’Yale’s husband, was worried that his wife might adapt negative behavior. Some people think that pole dancing is only something that strippers do but Ro’Yale’s class is filled with women from all walks of life.

When Ro’Yale first told me about her pole dancing, the first thing I thought was that she has went over to the dark side, said Ro’Yale’s husband, Rahiem. It was pretty bad.

Despite the fact that her husband isn’t supportive, many women love Ro’Yale’s class and they’ve become stronger physically as well as mentally because of it. Defying stereotypes, Ro’Yale is showing everyone that sexiness has no size limit.

Watch Ro’Yale On The Pole Below:

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