[Video] Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Wrongful Police Tasering WHILE NAKED

Posted On : 12/30/2017

COLUMBUS, OHIO — The abuse of power is so absolutely ridiculous, it cost this woman her baby…simply because she couldn’t remove her tongue ring fast enough.

Yeah. You read right.

Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Wrongful Police Tasering I
Martini Smith, 20, pregnant and getting tasered for nothing. Photo Credit: NowThis.

According to Reuters, 20-year-old Martini Smith was taken to a Franklin County jail on a misdemeanor charge. However, before that, she had been handcuffed for 6 hours.


Once inside the jail cell, Smith was instructed to strip naked so she could put on an inmate uniform. She was pretty much naked, standing there topless with a male officer present.

The source says Deputy Shawnda Arnold told Smith to remove her tongue ring. Yet, her fingers were still quite numb from being handcuffed for so long.

She attempted to remove the ring but couldn’t.

According to the source, Smith asked for a paper towel so she could grip the tongue since it was too slippery to grasp with her fingers alone. Officers denied her the paper towel.


Instead, Corporal Matthew Stice warned that he would taser Smith if she didn’t remove the ring, as instructed. After pleading with the officers, Smith continued trying to remove it — to no avail.

Shortly thereafter, Stice tasered Smith while she was topless. She hit the wall and slid slowly to the floor in agonizing pain.

Smith screamed, “Why did you tase me!? I wasn’t harming nobody. I can’t just take it out.

Stice threatened to do it again, like it was nothing.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

Unfortunately, 5 days later, Smith had a miscarriage. She says her child loss stays with her today just as if it all happened yesterday.


Reuters reports that the incident happened in 2009. However, it’s just now receiving attention due to the source’s own in-depth investigation.

Regardless of Smith losing her child due to excessive force, the sheriff’s office rendered that it “found no wrongdoing by guards and said the Taser use did not constitute excessive force.”

That’s when the Department of Justice (DOJ) had to get involved. After its investigation, the county changed its tune.

Smith was awarded a “small” settlement. Too, Franklin County said it would “expand staff training and adopt new policies barring Taser use on prisoners who pose no reasonable threat, are not forcefully resisting, or are ‘limp or prone’.”

Nevertheless, that does nothing about Smith’s child loss. It’s a despicable slap in the face, at the very least.

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