(Video) Oh Snap! Brawl Breaks Out On Detroit Bus Caught On Camera

Posted On : 07/16/2017

Passengers were throwing punches in a wild scene on a Detroit Department of Transportation bus Friday with cell phone cameras recording it as one man went live on Facebook.

Bus Brawl:

A Detroit man by the name of Philip K. Ross was on his way to work when he witnessed an altercation on a Detroit bus. Apparently, this happened at the corner of Woodward and Grand Boulevard as a witness says the woman in pink was talking loudly on the bus and a male passenger told her to pipe down. Offended, the woman did not like being told to be quiet and she proceeded to go off. As the woman and man began to argue, the bus driver stopped the bus and got off to call the police. Many passengers wondered what happened to the transit police?

Back in 2014, The Detroit News reported that the city’s new Transit Police force would begin to ride the Detroit Department of Transportation’s buses on its most troubled routes  following a growing number of attacks on drivers and between passengers. The city was working to hire at least 30 more officers to supplement the unit now responsible for patrolling the buses and People Mover. Maybe that particular bus route wasn’t considered a “troubled route”.

In the video, the woman in the pink was clearly angry as she continued to argue with the male passenger. At one point, she threaten to physically fight and discipline him as his mother should have. As the woman in pink continued to become more aggressive, the male passenger stood up and the fight became more intense. Another woman was with the male passenger and tried to get him to sit down. Ignoring her pleas for him to sit, the male passenger struck the woman in pink and they began to fight. At one point in the physical altercation, the woman in pink appeared to spit on her attacker and the fight escalated.

Nobody has ever really seen anything like that before, said Philip Ross, a passenger, to Fox 2 News. We’ve seen arguments on the bus, but we didn’t really think he would go to the extreme he did and fight her. When we all saw that we became shocked. A lot of people were ready to just get off the bus. They had seen enough for the day.

Eventually, the brawl ended with the male passenger and his female companion exiting the bus. No one on the bus intervened as the passengers fought. After the altercation, the woman in pink began to smoke on the bus to calm her nerves, however, one passenger reminded her that she couldn’t smoke on the bus. She eventually exited as well. So far there has been no word on any arrests by Detroit police.

Watch The Altercation Below:

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