(Video) Mississippi Girl Wets Herself During Live TV Interview As The Reporter Keeps Grilling Her

Posted On : 07/07/2017
A Mississippi reporter ignored a young interviewee’s insistence that she had an emergency as she continued to grill the girl.

A reporter for CBS affiliate WXVT in Northwest Mississippi, Alexis Frazier, was interviewing a young girl who witnessed a shooting in Greenville. So engrossed on getting the story, the reporter continued to grill the young witness that she ignored her cries.

In the 2015 clip, Frazier asked the girl what the victim said when he was shot. When the girl responded by saying, “I’ve got to pee,” Frazier assumed her interviewee was just relaying the shooting victim’s words. She didn’t realize that the girl was referring to herself.

Oh, that’s what he said?,  Frazier asked.

Fidgeting on camera, as Frazier kept on asking questions about the shooting, the girl repeated that she needed to go to the bathroom but Frazier didn’t get the hint. Unable to hold it, the young girl had an accident on live television.

I just peed on myself, the girl finally declared. ‘I’m wet.

WXVT reporter Alexis Frazier kept asking a girl questions about a local shooting even after the girl told the reporter she needed to pee.

Trying not to embarrass the young lady any further,  Frazier tried to smooth things over by telling her that everything would be ok. Instead of ending the interview at that moment, the reporter carried on with the interview.

 His name was Michael, you said? Frazier asked.

It wasn’t until Frazier looked down and saw the girl’s stained pants that she finally asked to go to a commercial break.

Watch The Interview Below:

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