(Video) Just 3 Weeks Before Christmas, A Mother Of 7 Was Murdered With Her Baby In The Backseat

Posted On : 12/06/2017
Tamika Trimble

Family members describe Tamika Trimble as a woman that loved her children and loved to help anyone in need. Trimble was a mother of 7 and she was devoted to her children. Because Trimble was such a caring individual, police officers are wondering who would want her dead.

Here’s What We Know:

Atlanta resident Richard Jones was asleep in his home on Sunday night when he awoke to gun fire. Jones informed media outlets that the gun was so loud that it allegedly shook his home. He reportedly heard 7-8 shots. Jones, along with other neighbors, rushed outside to find a woman, 33 year-old Tamika Trimble, clinging to life. In an attempt to save the woman, Jones called the police but it was too late. Sadly, Trimble died at the scene.

It was a big gun, you could hear the shots, it shook my house, Jones remarked to Fox 5 News. 

Tamika Trimble was shot and killed inside a car with a toddler in the back seat Sunday night in DeKalb County.

While Jones and his neighbors mourned the loss of Trimble, they realized that something was in the backseat. Initially, neighbors were unsure if the object in the backseat was a teddy bear or a real person. To their shock, Trimble’s 1 year-old daughter was in the backseat unharmed.

My first instinct, it was a teddy bear. It had the panda eyes at the top of the head… come to find out it was an infant. She was alive, the officer checked and she had no bullet holes, Mr. Jones said in amazement.

Just three weeks before Christmas and, according to a friend and former neighbor, Trimble left behind seven children: her oldest in high school and the youngest the 1-year-old who was in the car. The neighbor described Trimble as a great friend and even better mother. Trimble’s daughter, E’Daeshua Calhoun, shared with the media that her mother was not a “street” woman and that the manner in which her mother died surprised her.

My momma tended to her kids in the house. As far as being out in the streets and stuff. That wasn’t her so I would have been more content if she died from a car accident or dying in her sleep or an illness, that would have satisfied me more, E’Daeshua Calhoun told FOX 5’s Aungelique Proctor.

As of right now, police officers have no motive for the crime or nor do they have a description of either the shooters or their car. According to Fox 5,  police officers believe that Trimble was targeted, but that she likely did not know her killers. It appears that Trimble attempted to flee from the suspects, however, the shooters continued to pursue her. Investigators shared that it is a miracle that Trimble’s daughter was unharmed as the vehicle was sprayed with multiple bullets from different angles. Detectives removed the child from the scene. Officers said she’ll be handed over to the Division of Family and Children Services until a relative can be found.

The family of Trimble created a Go Fund Me account to help with the costs of her burial.

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