(Video) Hilarious Video Of Florida Man Ice Skating For The First Time Goes Viral

Posted On : 12/28/2017
Sherrell Colbert Ross was enjoying a day of ice skating with her family and friends when she captured Jermaine Thompson ice skating for the first time.

Sherrell Colbert Ross was ice skating at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia with her family and friends. While having a good time, she observed a man who appeared to be ice skating for the first time.

Bambi On Ice:

Sherrell Colbert Ross spoke with the Daily Mail  and she revealed that she decided to visit the Atlantic Station ice rink with some of her family and friends. After skating around, she decided to take a break and that’s when she noticed Williston, Florida man, Jermaine Thompson. Thompson stepped out on the rink to try ice skating for the first time. As he began to struggle, Ross noticed it and pulled her phone out.

I was visiting the ice skating arena to enjoy some holiday time with family and friends, Ross told DailyMail.com. While taking a break from the ice, I couldn’t help but notice a man that seemed to be having extreme difficulty with the ice skating task, and his coordination was quite awkward! My family, friends and I paused to watch… it was hilarious.

Sherrell Colbert Ross had caught sight of Thompson unsteadily making his way across the ice.

As Thompson tried to make it across the ice rink, he began to struggle. While visiting Atlanta, Thompson decided to ice skate with a friend. Looking like Bambi on ice, Thompson fell up against the railing as people tried to help him up. Amused, Ross video taped the whole encounter and shared it to Facebook. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who thought it was funny as the video has been viewed 2.3 million times. Even Thompson laughed at the video and he shared it as well. Initially strangers, Ross and Thompson have become friends as they too laughed about the encounter. Soon after he left the ice, Thompson quickly posted on Facebook that he would never ice skate again.

I will never ever do it again. There’s no way u can actually skate on those blades.

The video went viral and is still being shared on social media.

I think that most people can relate to spontaneous moments like this that are genuinely funny and can be enjoyed by the entire family, Ross said.This is why I feel that this video has been able to touch so many and has entertained so many homes.

See The Funny Moment Below:

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