(Video) “Higher Learning” Actor Goes Off! Curses Trump For Stealing From Him, Threatens Lawsuit

Posted On : 01/07/2018

Actor, Michael Rapaport, had a LOT to get off of his chest today about Donald Trump, and he was cussin’ Trump out left and right in his video diss. It’s no secret that millions of us can’t stand Trump, nor his political tactics, and Rapaport made his disdain for the self-proclaimed “genius” running the country, no secret. **Scroll down to watch his angry message to Trump**

Build Presents Michael Rapaport Discussing 'White Famous'
Michael Rapaport (Photo by Chance Yeh/WireImage)

In case you’re not familiar with Rapaport, he’s the actor who portrayed “Remi,” the racist college kid in the classic 90’s film, Higher Learning which also starred Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Regina King, Omar Epps, Laurence Fishburne, and more. In the film, “Remi” ended up shooting into a crowd, on his college campus, killing “Deja” (Tyra Banks) the girlfriend of “Malik” (Omar Epps), the Black college student who beat the hell outta “Remi” for pulling a gun on him prior to.

However, what you’re about to witness now, is proof that in real life, Michael Rapaport is a far cry from his character “Remi.”

Why Rapaport’s Pissed Off With Trump

In an angry video message to Trump, Michael called Trump a “di*k stain” for stealing his hashtag, “Sloppy Steve.” That is the term Rapaport created for Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Steve Bannon.

Dick Stain Donald & Sloppy Steve is the 2018’s Pac & Biggie Beef

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This whole thing started when Trump recently put his Twitter fingers to work, yet again, to call Bannon “Sloppy Steve, after Bannon turned on him. Bannon was fired by Trump and the next thing we knew, author Michael Wolff, released a tell-all book about Trump, Fire and Fury, which included quotes from Bannon. One of the quotes that had Trump pissed, is the one Bannon made in the book, accusing Trump’s son, Trump Jr., of treason for meeting with Russians during the presidential campaign.

WATCH Rapaport Go OFF!

Bottom line though, Michael Rapaport is NOT feelin’ how Trump’ jacked his hashtag and used it for his own good. So now, he’s clapped back with proof that “Sloppy Steve” is his creation and he’s even thinking about suing Trump. Why? Well in my opinion, it has less to do with the hashtag and more to do with the fact that, like many people, Michael just REALLY does not like Donald Trump, nor anything he represents…understandably so.

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