(Video) Heartwarming Moment Where Homeless Boy Receives What He Always Wanted

Posted On : 01/14/2018
The jaw dropping moment where Daeyrs, a homeless child, is shown getting what he always wanted.

Daeyrs, from Detroit, Michigan, has spent most of his short life moving between homeless shelters after his mother Dionna lost her job and their house. Finally, Daeyrs and his mother, Dionna, were able to move out of the shelter and into their own home. While Daeyrs was happy to be out of the homeless shelters, he wanted a bed to call his own. Because of his mother’s financial struggles, she was unable to provide that for him.

The Biggest Surprise:

Detroit, Michigan mother Dionna and her son, Daeyrs haven’t had it easy in life. After Dionna lost her job, she was forced to sleep in a homeless shelter with her son, Daeyrs as they waited on state housing. Finally, after many long nights, Dionna and Daeyrs moved into a home of their own. While they were happy to be out of the shelter, their new home didn’t feel quite like home as they were unable to furnish it because Dionna couldn’t afford to furnish it herself. Because of Dionna’s financial struggles, she was only able to put two camp chairs and a blow-up mattress in their home. With not enough money to get a bed, Dionna and Daeyrs had to sleep on a nest of blankets on the floor while dreaming one day to have beds of their own.

That’s when Humble Design stepped in to make Daeyrs’ dream come true.

This was Daeyrs’ room before charity Humble Design stepped in to furnish the new home supplied by state housing.

Humble Design is an organization that helps individuals, families and veterans emerging from homelessness by transforming their empty house into a warm, welcoming and uplifting home with donated furniture and household goods. Treger Strasberg, of Humble Design, stepped in with her team to furnish Daeyrs and Dionna’s home from top to bottom.

They moved into this house but didn’t have any furniture and were sleeping on the floor. We were referred to Daeyrs and his mother by a social worker, and our first order of business was to ask them exactly what they would like in their house to make it feel like a home. Seeing how much having a bed and his own room meant to Daeyrs, it really made me realize what’s important in life and being grateful for everything I have, Treger Strasberg said to The Sun.

Humble Design provided furniture, appliances, and even a Christmas Tree with presents. However, that wasn’t the big surprise.

Daeyrs and Dionna’s new home was fully furnished just by Humble Design in time for Christmas.

While touring the home, as they arrived to Daeyrs’ room, they made him cover his eyes. Upon opening his eyes, Daeyrs’ was in tears as he couldn’t believe that he finally had a room with a bed of his own. Watch the video below to see the little boy’s tear-jerking reaction to his bedroom transformation.

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