(Video) Guy Loses It Watching His Friend Forget How To Operate His Wheelchair After Lighting Fireworks

Posted On : 07/13/2017

A man loses it after seeing his friend, Terry, forget how to operate his wheelchair while lighting fireworks.

Back It Up, Terry!

On the fourth of July, many people complete their celebrations with fireworks. While fireworks are beautiful, they can be very dangerous. You’ve seen the process. Many people will light fireworks and then they take off running. In a video that has gone viral, an older man in a wheel chair, whose name is Terry, is lighting fireworks with another young man. Now, who had the bright idea of allowing Terry to light the fireworks, I don’t know. However, the video has gone viral as an unexpected incident occurs while Terry is lighting the fireworks.

Are they trying to secretly kill Terry? Even before they light the fireworks, the camera man tells them to stop as two cars were coming from 2 different directions. Have they forgotten that Terry is in a wheelchair? After the cars drove by, Terry and the other young man light the fireworks and the action begins. It appears that Terry is trying to get away from the explosion by pressing forward on his wheelchair instead of reversing. That’s when the camera man yells at Terry to back it up. Terry seems to still be having trouble as the camera man continues to yell at Terry to put his wheelchair in reverse. The wheelchair seems to be malfunctioning as Terry is unable to reverse. Eventually, he is able to escape unharmed as the camera man laughed hysterically.

See The Hilarious Moment Below:

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