(Video) Girl’s Dance Team Goes Viral For Their Entrance In Controversial Costumes

Posted On : 09/26/2017
Video of a Miami dance team was posted on social media and has been viewed nearly 308,000 times.

The Miami Northwestern Senior High School’s dance team has gone viral after a video surfaced of the ladies holding fans, rocking buns, and wearing costumes that some people felt were too provocative. While the ladies definitely exuded confidence and a gone with the wind fabulous demeanor, however, some people felt that the teens’ costumes, were too racy.

Here’s What Happened:

A high school dance team is facing major controversy after a viral video stirred up lots of conversations about the dancers’ uniforms. It appears that these ladies are known as the tenacious ten as they are led by their dance instructor, Traci Young Byron. Byron, who is known as supa_blackgirl on Instagram, is baffled as to why her dancers received so much backlash for their costumes. The Miami Northwestern Senior High School dance team was definitely in formation as they seemed to be walking the runway instead of the sidelines of a football field. Dressed in thigh-high tights, a cut-out leotard with a long sleeve crop top, and blue boots, the ladies received tons of attention for their outfits. However, many people missed the opportunity to praise they ladies for their gracefulness as dancers.

A large majority of social media users believed that the costume resembled lingerie and was not age-appropriate. Many of the same users believed the dance routine performed on the sidelines of a football field was too risqué and sexually suggestive. On the contrary, many people believed that there was nothing wrong with their costumes. One woman pointed out that the teens were on honor roll and enjoyed doing what they love: dancing.

I’m old fashioned, and I believe that’s too sexy, Jerry Byrd told WSVN. There are a lot of bad people out there that will look at that and take it a different way. I have two daughters I deal with, and I won’t allow that.

It doesn’t bother me, Runette Brown, a parent, said. I don’t see anything wrong with it. They’re dancers.

Interestingly enough, the high school’s principal released a statement on Tuesday stating that the parents of each dance team member approved of the costumes.

While all the parents of the dancers who participated in the event approved of the attire, we understand the concerns that have been raised and sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused, Wallace Aristide said. Looking ahead, we will implement a more comprehensive and stringent uniform approval process to ensure an appropriate representation of our school.

Can they be great? Don’t let their costumes distract you from their talent. If their parents approved of their attire, is there really room for a debate? Have you seen the video? Check it out below.


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