(Video) Father Of Four Girls Is At A Loss For Words When Sex Of His Fifth Baby Is Revealed

Posted On : 11/13/2017
Mark Taylor

Arlington, Texas father, Mark Taylor met his beautiful wife, Angel, while they were in the Air Force in 2002. The couple fell in love and they married by proxy in 2007 while Angel was stationed in Korea. Years later, Mark and Angel are the proud parents to 4 beautiful girls: Jordyn, 12, Juliyn, 9, Jaxsyn, 3, and Jestyn, 9 months. Now, his wife is pregnant for the 5th time and Mark was praying son to carry his name.


According to PEOPLE magazine, Mark Taylor met his wife, Angel have 4 daughters. While Mark loves his girls, his wife revealed that he has always secretly wished for a son. Because Mark is a junior, he would love to have a son that he could name Mark the III. His wife shared with PEOPLE that Mark wants a boy so bad that he calls their impending arrival  “Trey”. Now that his wife is pregnant for the 5th time, Mark was hopeful that their home would be filled with blue balloons instead of the traditional pink.

Father of Four Girls Is Literally Speechless When He Finds Out the Gender of His Fifth Baby 

The Taylor family has a YouTube channel called The Taylor Bunch. On October 26th, Angel Taylor and her daughters decided to record themselves sharing the gender of the new baby with father, Mark Taylor. It didn’t take much planning as Angel had left over decorations form their daughter Jestyn’s gender reveal party. That’s right! For the fifth time in a row, the Taylors were having a girl!

We actually still had stuff from our gender reveal party from our baby Jestyn, so I just pulled that stuff out and videoed, Angel, 34, from Arlington, Texas, tells PEOPLE. I thought his reaction was funny, I was actually very amused!

As Angel and her daughters waited for Mark to enter the room, they joked that he would faint or possibly fall in the pool despite the fact that they don’t have a pool. When Mark finally arrives, he sees the room filled with pink balloons, he is only able to muster a stunned smile and a few dumbfounded laughs. In disbelief, Mark walked around the house speechless as he realized that he was having yet another daughter.

Watch Mark’s Reaction Below:

While Mark, who is looking forward to their new addition, still has dreams of one day having his little Trey.

My husband actually asked my doctor how much does it costs to do gender choosing! Angel says while laughing, adding that she is done having babies and the next will have to be done through a surrogate. I am not having any more children because I’m high risk for blood clots. So after this, I’m done!

Maybe they can name the baby Markeisha.

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