(Video) Ellen Surprised A Breast Cancer Survivor And Her Family Is Left In Tears

Posted On : 11/29/2017
Ellen DeGeneres surprised the Harris family on her show.

One thing about Ellen DeGeneres is that she is always looking for opportunities to make someone’s life a little brighter. She loves her fans and is always giving back. One family in particular arrived to the Ellen show as audience members. They had no idea that they were Ellen’s special invited guests.

Here’s What Happened:

The Harris family was super excited when they received tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show. As fans of the show, the women were excited to have the opportunity to dance with Ellen and simply be apart of the audience. All of a sudden, the Harris family received the shock of their lives when Ellen invited them to come to the stage. Holding hands, the mother and daughters bravely walked on stage not knowing what to expect. As they sat down, Ellen informed them that Sierra Harris wrote a letter to acknowledge her mother’s kindness and her sister’s bravery. To their surprise, Sierra was backstage and ready to read her letter to the audience as well as her family.

Sierra Harris wrote Ellen to surprise her sister Keisha, a Breast Cancer survivor.

In her letter, Sierra shared that her mother, Carol Harris, was a kind and giving person. The family was experiencing some hardships as Carol Harris closed their family bakery to take care of Keisha, Sierra’s sister. Keisha was diagnosed with breast cancer and her mother closed her business to take care of her. Sierra wrote Ellen to acknowledge her mother and sister with the hope that their story would touch Ellen’s heart and it did.

Ellen is known for her big surprises and the family began to weep as they knew they were in store for something major. Because Sierra’s sister Kiesha was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was six months late on rent. Ellen handed Kiesha $3,750 in cash to pay off her rent, which immediately brought all the women to tears. However, she didn’t stop there.

Carol Harris, Sierra and Keisha’s mother

In addition to giving Keisha the back money on her rent, Ellen wanted to do something nice for her mother. Ellen praised Mother Harris for sacrificing her family business to be there for her daughter. Closing the business caused the women to struggle as they were sharing a vehicle. To help improve their transportation, Ellen gave the family a 2015 Ford Escape. But, that wasn’t all. Because Ellen was so moved by the Harris Family, she gave the women a total of $15,000.

See The Touching Moment Below:

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