[VIDEO] SMH…White Men Are Buying These Silicone Masks & Skin Covers For A Very Disturbing Reason

Posted On : 12/31/2017

There’s a disturbing post on Facebook that has many people in an uproar. Apparently, there’s a company selling realistic silicone masks but guys aren’t buying them for Halloween or other recreational purposes. White guys are reportedly taking “blackface” to a whole new level. These realistic masks are being used to commit crimes and blame them on African-American males.

Disturbing Creations:

In a Facebook video uploaded on Friday, December 29, a man is filmed dressed as a bald-headed African-American man with a beard. At first glance, you see a black man, but with a closer look, you can definitely see the truth. The person is wearing what he described as a dermal-synthetic mask. The man admitted he wasn’t wearing makeup to cover the areas below his eye-lids but he was wearing brown contacts to match the mask’s skin color. He also revealed a new feature – arm covers to match the skin tone of the mask. If you look closely, you can also see the skin cover on his right forearm is tattooed, presumably to make the appearance more realistic.

Check out the video:

There are several companies that make realistic looking "Black men" masks, and white identity extremists are using these masks to commit crimes, like bank robberies,etc. I wonder what other crimes they could be committing using these masks?

Posted by I love Africa on Friday, December 29, 2017

It has been reported that some of these hyper-sensitive silicone masks are so realistic they are even difficult to spot up close. So, you can probably guess how they’d look on a surveillance camera. Then to make matters worse, some companies are even selling silicon painted pieces to for hands and arms which only makes the disguise more realistic.

Social Media Outrage:

Needless to say, social media users find these items to be very disturbing. One viewer wrote, “This just goes to show you how crazy things are and how certain people will go to the extreme to get us caught up in some trouble. Everyone of us need to use wisdom at all times, and be extra careful where you go and try to always have an alibi as much as possible.”

However, a few social media users viewed the situation from a different perspective.

The Company’s Response:

The latest social media stir about the masks follows a previous LA Times report where Rusty Slusser, owner of SPFX Masks, shared his reaction to the gradual increase in crimes being committed by suspects wearing the type of realistic masks his company creates. At the time, law enforcement agencies had just begun facing heightened difficulties with profiling suspects due to the realistic masks making them harder to identify. “We’re proud of the fact that our masks look real, but I’m not proud of the way they were used,” he told the LA Times. “We’re proud of the fact that our masks look real, but I’m not proud of the way they were used,” said Slusser, a 39-year-old former makeup artist. “We’re very embarrassed this has happened. We were shocked that this happened.”

With continued technological advancement, criminals may become even more difficult to identify which could lead to more incidents of racial profiling. Sadly, more African-American males could be subjected to altercations with police over crimes they did not commit.

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