[Video] Convoy Of Tanks Rolling Through Texas!? WHAT’S GOING ON??

Posted On : 04/20/2017

Donald Trump has put this country in imminent jeopardy. It looks like something’s coming, but what are they not telling us? Check this out.

TEXAS, UNITED STATES — In what’s being called a “major training exercise,” just a small fragment of this collective convoy was captured on video.

You Normally Wouldn’t See This…

According to KUSA-9 News, approximately 1,500 vehicles and 5,750 soldiers made transit to an area called Piñon Canyon, Colorado for “training,” which started on April 11 and is continuing until April 22.

However, Colorado Springs Independent says the exercises will continue until May 6.

You can watch the video for yourself, below.

Here’s another video, if you’re interested. It’s basically another vehicle showing the same thing.

Why Everyone Else Drove There…

According to these sources, not all vehicles could travel by roadway — obviously. However, those which could travel paved roads didn’t take the railways.

“Equipment and vehicles that cannot be driven on roadways will be transported via railway to and from PCMS,” mentions Colorado Springs Independent.

The source notes that these vehicles and soldiers are taking part in a two-week exercise called Operation Raider Focus.

Although, these aren’t just soldiers and forces from Texas. The source also mentions the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Sustainment Brigade, Fort Carson units — as well as units from Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and Fort Hood, Texas.

The Independent elaborates on the objective as follows.

“The training at PCMS is to prepare Soldiers for any possible mission should the unit be called to support contingencies around the globe. During the exercise, crews will train against each other using different scenarios to build team cohesion and ensure task proficiency. Approximately 1,500 military vehicles, to include 300 Stryker fighting vehicles, and 30 helicopters, to include UH-60 Black Hawks, AH-64 Apaches and CH-47 Chinooks, will be used in the exercise.”

‘Contingencies Around the Globe,’ They Say…

With all that’s going on under the ridiculous command of Donald Trump, it’s really no wonder why this epic “training exercise” is happening right now.

If you don’t know, Trump recently chose a new national security advisor for his staff. And, it just so happens that he — Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster — has ties to Fort Carson, according to Colorado Springs Independent.

So, this guy is the national security advisor; Trump has fleets in the Korean Peninsula; America is bombing the hell out of Syria and threatening all whom are in allegiance; and we’re running domestic- and foreign-related “training exercises.”

Yep, Folks. Something serious is coming.

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