[Video] 18 Tons Of Cocaine Seized — SOMEBODY’s Drug Lord Is Pissed!

Posted On : 06/15/2017

Some cartel, somewhere, is probably terrorizing a village right about now. Smh. The United States Coast Guard just snatched up ALL their goods. Eighteen tons!

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — On June 15, U.S. Coast Guard members stood in front of one of the biggest cocaine seizures in the agency’s history.

According to ABC News, the agency intercepted the massive package in the Eastern Pacific. According to the source, it was off the coast of Central and South America.

This drug bust was brought in by 8 Coast Guard cutter vessels.

It’s part of a collective operation that has been underway since March. As of yet, this is the accumulated bounty.

The Florida Oracle reports as follows.

“Nearly half a billion dollars worth of cocaine was unloaded onto a Broward County port dock Thursday by a U.S. Coast Guard crew after more than 20 different seizures involving several agencies.”

Smh. Bruh, that drug lord might be about to play Russian Roulette with his team EVERY night.

Capt. Scott Clendenin says it was a joint effort.

According to the source, it actually took eight Coast Guard teams, plus the Royal Canadian Navy, to help with this bust.

Check the video below.

Mind you, this comes just months after the Coast Guard made an even GRANDER interception of 26.5 tons, as reports Miami Herald.

Vice Admiral Karl Schultz, commander of U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic, says it’s a showcase of the increasing threat from “drug cartels, gangs, and criminal groups.”

“This not only showcases the threat posed by dangerous cartels, gangs and criminal groups that make up extensive transitional organized crime networks, but it also highlights the commitment of the Coast Guard and its interagency partner’s efforts to detect, interdict, investigate and prosecute operatives for these criminal networks.”

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