(Video) 11 Year-Old Girl Attends Sleepover & And Now She’s In The Hospital With Second Degree Burns

Posted On : 08/10/2017
11 year-old Jamoneisha Merritt

Teenagers are often excited about spending the night with their friends. Sleepovers are filled with movies, pizza, and good times with your friends. Jamoneisha Merritt, 11, was super excited about sleeping over with her friends. Now, she regrets that she ever went.

Here’s What Happened:

Jamoneisha Merritt, who is affectionately called Jamone, went over her friend’s apartment to have a sleepover. While at the party, Jamoneisha got into an argument with her 12 year-old friend. It’s unclear what caused the argument but the 12 year-old threatened Jamoneisha before she went to sleep.

Her and her friend got into an argument and (the suspect) told her if she go to sleep they were going to do something to her,” the victim’s cousin, Yolanda Richardson, told CBS New York.

Thinking that the little girl wasn’t serious, Jamoneisha went to sleep around 3:00 a.m. Monday morning but she woke up in severe pain with severe burns to her face, neck, back, and shoulders. It appears that the 12 year-old girl that was arguing with Jamoeneisha, intentionally threw boiling hot water on her. She was rushed to the hospital as she suffered in pain and agony.

Jamoeneisha was attacked at a sleepover with boiling hot water.

Jamoneisha’s mother, Ebony Merritt, is infuriated with the one adult that was in the apartment as she feels she did not do enough to prevent the attack. Merritt was talking with prosecutors and the 12-year-old girl was charged with assault after Jamoneisha was rushed to Harlem Hospital’s burn unit. Trying to lift her spirits, Jamoneisha’s family has not shown her a mirror as they don’t want her to know the extent of her burns.

Investigators are looking into whether the crime was inspired by an apparent social media trend, dubbed the “Hot Water Challenge,” Carlin reported. It involves sick stunts where unsuspecting victims get hot water thrown at them.

They were very wicked. That didn’t make any sense. I couldn’t even imagine a child doing that to another child, the victim’s aunt, Lawrene Merritt said.

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