Verizon Fires Ph.D Grad After She Was Allegedly Called ‘Dumb N****r B***H’ By Coworker

Posted On : 09/12/2018

ROLLING MEADOWS, ILLINOIS — Workplace HR’s tend to serve racists justice via termination, especially in this political climate. But after a Black woman complained about a coworker’s racial remarks, she was the one let go.

Instead of getting rid of the problem, this company is accused of firing someone who had fallen victim to various forms of workplace harassment.

Dr. Patricia R. Luckoo, Ph.D., has been going through hell regarding her former employer, Verizon/Fleetmatics — located at 1600 Golf Road, Suite #800.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Luckoo addressed a coworker after he expressed extreme, biased views toward NFL players kneeling in protest against police brutality and racial injustice.

After The Black Loop caught up with Dr. Luckoo for a few details, we discovered this coworker was “Aaron,” and regarding the players, he allegedly stated, “monkey see, monkey do.”

To this, Luckoo filed a racial discrimination complaint with human resources — because this wasn’t the first time she’d heard racial slurs around the office. A few months later, she was let go; Aaron was allowed to stay.

NOTE: After she filed her complaint about Aaron, she also learned that another coworker filed a similar complaint about a manager named Ray — who is still employed with the company and known by some around the office as an “elitist racist.”

As an update, Dr. Luckoo posted an email correspondence discussed with Jorge Diaz, Chief People Officer for the company.

According to the email, Diaz obviously didn’t want a paper trail and preferred “live discussion” only — further refusing to cooperate as follows.

“I don’t intend on having a dialogue via email on this topic. I welcome a live discussion as I certainly take this issue very seriously.”

That just sounds like shady business.

And to make matters worse, as a “people officer,” he notes earlier in the response that “email is the least effective…in dealing with difficult and sensitive employment matters.”

If you’re interested in the full correspondence email, it’s below.

According to Dr. Luckoo, she worked in a predominantly white male environment at the Verizon location and felt it everyday after she filed the complaint against Aaron.

Luckoo says that Aaron’s boss, Carmen, started acting funny after she voiced her concern.

“After I filed the complaint, Carmen started acting differently toward me,” Luckoo explains. “For example, prior to my complaint, if we passed each other in the hallway, he would at least say, ‘hello.’ After I complained, he started to ignore me — he acted towards me as If I didn’t exist. Sometimes I overheard Carmen’s team saying things that seemed so closely related to my personal life that it made me uneasy.”

NOTE: Oh yeah. Carmen’s a man.

Also, Luckoo says she heard from a coworker that another member of Carmen’s team, Justin, possibly called her a “dumb n****r b***h.”

According to the woman, one of the employees reported that particular instance to human resources, as well as a Verizon internal investigator — Mandy. However, that went nowhere fast.

So, Luckoo decided to take it to corporate HR.

She states: “Per email correspondence with Deborah (human resources), she said that Mandy was sent to investigate but no one corroborated hearing anyone from Verizon refer to me as a n****r.”


However, during the interview, Luckoo mentioned going back and forth with HR — even until her termination. Yet, aside from getting fired, nothing else ever happened.

NOTE: Well actually, a coworker informed her that Justin — the one who allegedly called Luckoo a “dumb n****r b***h” — was fired a few months after she was terminated. Can you guess why? Yep, for using “n****r” again — this time, accordingly, on the sales floor. Luckoo says some of the employees reported him…again. However, Luckoo wants to clarify that — since she’s no longer working there — she doesn’t know first-hand whether he’s actually terminated or not.

But, for the other racist coworkers, they’re still at the company.

During a text conversation with one of her former colleagues, they discussed how certain groups at the job have openly brandished their pro-Trump merchandise in the office. She posted the particular conversation via LinkedIn.

“I filed two complaints with the EEOC,” she continues. “The first, was dismissed without doing an investigation — but I was issued a right to sue letter. I hired an attorney, but he did not want to file a lawsuit. He wanted to negotiate a settlement. I filed a follow-up request with the IDHR to investigate the charge.”

“I just received a dismissal letter from them that they did not have sufficient evidence — but again — no investigation was done. I was never even interviewed nor was anyone directly involved in the investigation.”

After speaking out against the racism Luckoo says she endured while at Verizon, it came with a cost.

“The adverse impact of speaking out has been life-changing,” she states. “The situation made me realize that speaking out against racial discrimination in today’s climate can come at a serious cost. However, the realization strengthened my conviction of the necessity to speak against racial injustice.”

“We cannot afford to be silent. Black people’s silence against racism perpetuates and helps to preserve the marginalization and oppression of the population.”

While going through this situation, she’s earned her aforementioned Ph.D.

But that’s not all. Other than experiencing workplace racism, it’s been an incredibly trying year for Dr. Luckoo. Via LinkedIn, she mentions her “resilience, adaptability, strength, self-efficacy, determination and courage” were all tested.

But all in all, Luckoo says she’s come to realize that she loves her life, regardless — and has not faltered on standards.

“My advice to anyone in a similar situation: speak out against racial ideologies. Fight for your right to equal citizenship. It is not going to be easy but that’s the only way, as a nation we will achieve change and freedom from destructive racial biases.”

Likewise, via Dr. Luckoo’s LinkedIn, she states that life has taught her a valuable lesson in accountability:

“Document everything and keep multiple copies.”

Who’s going to look out for you better than you, right?

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[Featured Photo via Dr. Patricia Luckoo / Facebook]

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