UPS Loses Man’s $846,000 Inheritance Check, Offers $32 Refund

Posted On : 12/15/2017

ONTARIO, CANADA — Bruh … heads … would … be … flying! The more insulting part about this situation is UPS’ nonchalant attitude regarding their screw-up.

They just gave this man a “well, s**t happens” type of response. Wow.

Note: Read to the end. The result is a real kick in the face for this man.

According to CBC News, Louis Paul Herbert says he’s broke after United Parcel Service (UPS) lost track of his inheritance.

The source reports Herbert was finalizing the details of his father’s will and went to a local UPS store where he was expecting the package from his sister, Lorette Taylor.


She was sending him his cut of the inheritance in a bank draft from TD Canada Trust. However, according to Herbert, it never made its arrival.

“I’m waiting at the UPS store, around 3 p.m. because that’s when they said the guys came in, nothing shows up. I came back in the evening. Nothing shows up… and I’m wondering, ‘What’s happened to my inheritance?'”

The source says the sister sent Herbert $846,000 in the delivery. As an offer of condolence, UPS apologized for his loss and said they’d refund the $32 mailing cost of the inheritance’s shipping.

Too, TD Canada Trust refused to refund the money.

Note: This is why people are switching to cryptocurrency. Tired of the bulls**t.

“It was a total surprise. Never in my wildest imagination did I think something like this would happen.” — Lorette Taylor

Let’s keep in mind that — according to Taylor — TD Canada Trust is the one who told her that sending through UPS would be the safest way to send a large sum.

Also, Taylor says the bank guaranteed the money would be replaced if the draft was lost.

UPS said the draft couldn’t be traced.

According to company spokeswoman Nirali Raval, sometimes, packages just get lost.

“While UPS’ service is excellent in our industry, we are unfortunately not perfect. Occasionally, the loss of a package does occur. Our records indicate that our team followed UPS protocol and an exhaustive search for this package was completed by our Operations and Security teams. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the package.”

Note: You should probably imagine that quote being given along with a metaphorical shoulder shrug.


As for TD Canada Trust, Taylor says the bank was refusing to refund the money unless she signed an agreement to pay back the funds if someone cashes in the lost draft.

Well, she signed the agreement, yet the bank never paid her a dime of the money back. On top of her signature, the bank demanded her to allow a lien against her house if the draft was cashed.

That, she refused.

If the bank really wants indemnity, then UPS should sign it,” Taylor says.

CBC News reached out to the bank, and they responded as follows.

“Before we can agree to a replacement or reimbursement, we need appropriate security to be in place.”


Herbert revealed to the source that TD actually had the funds in the account.

“TD has the money. The money is actually sitting in an account with TD. Nothing has been stolen. It’s there. That’s my inheritance.”

So, CBC News ran the story. And apparently, all publicity ISN’T good publicity.

Immediately, the bank released Herbert’s funds and offered an apology for the way it handled the situation.

Note: TD Canada Trust had been holding the funds for the last 10 months!

Bank spokeswoman Cheryl Ficker made the following statements to the news source.

“We understand that we’ve reached a resolution with our customer. It’s clear to us we didn’t get this right along the way and that there was more we could have done to come to a resolution faster.”

Mhm. Exactly.

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