Update: Tragic…Remains Of Missing Georgia Teen Found, Parents Now Facing Murder Charges

Posted On : 03/13/2018

For months, authorities all over the state of Georgia have been searching for LaTania Janell Carville. Now, that search has come to an unfortunate end. According to 11 Alive, it has been confirmed that Carville’s remains have been found. Now, investigators are working to build a case against her stepfather, Leon Tripp. “We now know have confirmed via statement, and this is from Mr. Tripp, that Janell is not alive,” Augusta-Richmond County District Attorney Natalie Paine said at the time.

Information About the Case:

After months of searching for the body of LaTania Carville, investigators have finally located her remains. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carville’s remains were found in a shallow grave. On Tuesday, March 13, during a news conference, Sheriff Richard Roundtree shared brief details about the investigative findings. “We did find information (during the process) that supports the fact that the subjects we have in custody are responsible,” Roundtree said.

He went on to discuss how the public also played a part in the search. “We encouraged the public to check their yards…we only check common areas” he said. Carville’s body was reportedly found in a private backyard. However, the home was actually bank-owned at the time of the search. It wasn’t until a potential buyer hired someone to survey the land that Carville’s remains was found. The investigation will reportedly be ongoing but now the main focus is to determine the teen’s cause of death. Footage of the press conference was posted to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Check out the video of the press conference:

Tanya Tripp:

Leon Tripp may be facing murder charges but most people probably wouldn’t consider Carville to be a saint either. According to WJBF, Carville is now being held on a $850,000 bond for helping her husband to conceal the death of her daughter. Back in May of last year, District Attorney Natalie Paine spoke to Judge Pickett in reference to Tripp. At the time, Paine raised concerns about Tanya Tripp’s possible involvement in the death of her daughter. Paine also offered a timeline of events leading up to Carville’s disappearance. “Statutorily she is entitled to a bond on the hindering the apprehension of a fugitive,” Paine explained. “We received an address for Leon Tripp in Atlanta and he was going to be returning a U-Haul, in Atlanta,” DA Paine said. “At that time US Marshals descend to that location and are very surprised to find Ms. Tripp in the vehicle, in the U-Haul with Leon Tripp.”

During the hearing, Tanya Tripp was represented by public defender Kelly Williamson. At the time, she requested that her client be allowed to go to the Atlanta area if she were given a bond. “If she were to be given a bond, she would probably be going to the Atlanta area,” said Kelly Williamson, who represents Tanya Tripp. “This case has been in the media. I completely understand the fact that Ms. Tripp may not want to stay here within the CSRA because people will recognize her. That’s a very uncomfortable position to be in, your honor. Not only that, she would be able to have housing and have a roof over her head if she were to go to the Atlanta area.”

An Eerie Warning:

Prior to the death of LaTania Carville, Leon Tripp’s ex-wife, Makeda Kay, reportedly warned Tanya Tripp about him. In fact, she opted to speak out after Carville’s disappearance was reported. Kay, who was married to Leon from 2003 to 2009 revealed he was initially a church-going man who did good work as a mechanic. However, he had a disturbing dark side. Alcohol abuse transformed him into a totally different man. During a previous interview with WJBF, Kay shared details about the problems she faced during their marriage. “And when he’d drink he was definitely more abusive,” she explained. “He reflects back on times when he was younger. His interpretation of what he felt like was wrong when he was coming up, what he didn’t have. Just being victim. He was angry and it would come out more when he was drinking.”


Initially, there was speculation that LaTania Carville may have been sold into sex trafficking, but Kay dismissed that notion. In fact, she also revealed her ex-husband was a Georgia native and rarely left the state. “He’s not a person who explores past Georgia,” Kay said adding that she does not believe he took LaTania to another state. “I just don’t see them going anywhere where they would be far. The GPS and him not knowing how to get around is true, but he does know how to find out how to get around.” Ironically, her sentiments were dead on. Leon Tripp had reportedly taken Carville to Atlanta from Richmond County, GA. Although Tanya Tripp initially claimed she hadn’t been in contact with her husband, surprisingly U.S. Marshalls found them both together when he returned a rental vehicle to a U-Haul location in Atlanta, GA.

Leon Tripp is now facing charges of kidnapping and murder. Tanya Tripp is charged with concealing her daughter’s death.

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