Update: Ohio Father Who Attempted To Leave Hurt Son And Flee Crash Scene Is Arrested After Son Dies

Posted On : 09/12/2017
Adriel Holloway, 27


On August 1st, Adriel Holloway was involved in a car accident in Walnut Hills, a near by city to Cincinnati, Ohio. Holloway who was driving along with his 10-year-old son in the front passenger seat,  stuck a tree.  According to witnesses near the scene of the crash, Holloway allegedly attempted to flee the scene of the accident. Onlookers were able to prevent him from leaving the scene as others attempted to give aid to his young son. Witnesses allege that the child was not responsive.  They also stated that he was not wearing a seat belt and the airbags did not deploy at the time of the crash according to information posted by wlwt.

The elder Holloway was taken to an area hospital where he was seen and released. Holloway’s son Ariyonte Holloway, 10, was taken to a near by children’s hospital and listed in critical condition. After being in the hospital for more than a month, the young Holloway succumbed to his injuries and passed away Sunday at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Only two days after the boys death, his father Adriel Holloway was apprehended and arrested on Tuesday by Cincinnati’ fugitive apprehension force. Now the father is facing charges of leaving the scene of a accident, in addition to a charge of aggravated vehicular homicide. A homicide that now has his 10 year ols sons name attached to it. Such an unfortunate situation.

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Adriel Holloway, 27, is not your everyday soccer dad. On Tuesday, sometime before 9:30 a.m. in the morning, Holloway was driving in the Walnut Hills, area, a nearby city to Cincinnati, Ohio, with his son in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. While driving Holloway hit a tree, not far from the Martin Luther King and Lincoln Avenue intersection according to Cincinnati’s police officials  as posted on WLWT.

Danny Dickson, a construction worker who was working at a construction site during the time of the accident, heard the loud crash which shock his core as posted by the source:

“It just sounded like a cannon going off. It almost sounded like a bomb going off when it hit the tree,” said Danny Dickson, who was working on a construction site less than a block away. “It scared us honestly because we didn’t know what was going on and we spun around and saw the car wrapped around the tree.”

Some would say luck, but as blessings would be handed down, Dr. Jay Johannigman, who is a world-renowned emergency room doctor, at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, just happened to be in that area and stopped to aide those in the accident. According to Cincinnati police Lt. Brian Norris, Dr. Johannigman, was the person who aided Holloway’s’ 10 year old son whom he left after the crash, in the passengers seat unresponsive, while he attempted to walk away from the accident. “He was the one who actually rendered aid to the juvenile,” stated Lt. Norris, regarding the world renowned doctor.

Witnesses stated the young boy was in the front passenger seat and was not wearing a seat-belt during the crash. They also noticed that no airbags deployed from the impact of the car slamming into the tree. The boy was critically injured and taken to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital. Dickinson, the construction worker that was working nearby stated that, a woman had stopped to aid the victims of the crash  as Holloway attempted to walk away from the scene, but upon approaching Holloway, he exposed himself to her which instantly made her withdraw and run back to the safety of her vehicle posted by the source.

“He did his rude thing and it scared her and she took off back to her car,” Dickson said.

According to authorities, the witnesses at the scene were able to stop Holloway, from leaving the scene. Upon police arrival shortly after, Holloway was turned over to police custody. Holloway was taken to the hospital and listed in fair condition, according to an update on WLWT. High speed is believed to be the cause of the crash.

Initially the relationship between the young boy and Holloway was not known. It was later discovered that Holloway was the father of 10-year-old Ariyonte Holloway. Once released from the hospital, Adriel Holloway, will be taken to the justice center where he will likely face charges of OVI and aggravated vehicular assault, according to the source. Charges will more than likely be upgraded as the young boys father, will have to answer to the boys injures in addition to trying to flee the scene, leaving his critically injured son behind.

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