Uh Oh…Taraji P. Henson Might Upset Fans Of ‘Empire’

Posted On : 09/12/2017

In two weeks, Empire will take over prime time television on Wednesday nights with its season four premiere. Of course, most Empire fans are thrilled about the upcoming premiere but behind the scenes, there’s reportedly a little drama brewing.

She Might Not Come Back!

Apparently, FOX is in the process of locking down the cast for seasons to come, but there’s one Empire star who’s reportedly unsure about whether she should sign those papers. It has been reported that the network has been negotiating contracts all summer and the outcome of these negotiations will determine the longevity of the show. According to BET, an insider claims Taraji isn’t totally convinced it would be a good idea for her to sign on for multiple seasons. 

Not Backing Down:

An insider who reportedly spoke with Radar Online claims Taraji just isn’t backing down from her demands this time around simply because she brings so much to the table. Of course, the entire Empire cast brings something great to the table, but according to the insider, the famed Baby Boy actress feels she deserves more buck for her bang. “Taraji is the franchise, and she’s milking it big time,” a source tells Radar.

“One minute she’s telling them she wants it go to continue for the foreseeable future, the next she’s changed her mind and talking about the next step of her career elsewhere, or needing a break for her personal life.”

Will She Sign On?:

So, now the looming question centers around whether or not Taraji will sign on for multiple new seasons. Taraji’s decision could endless uncertainties where the future of the show is concerned. When asked how the rest of the cast feels about Taraji’s hesitation, the insider revealed everyone on edge as they wait for Taraji’s answer. “Everybody is bracing for the fact that once she is tired of all this, the whole universe of the series is going to wrap up, and they resent her for it,” the source added. “It’s a big reason why she is treated like royalty on the set and everybody is walking on eggshells around her.”

If Taraji opts not to sign on for future seasons, it has been reported that FOX could decide to wrap up the show after the fifth season. However, the speculation has yet to be confirmed. Fans will just have to wait and see how the contract negotiations turn out.

The fourth season of Empire on Wednesday, September 27.

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