A Mother Noticed Daughter’s Belly Getting Bigger, Now A Pastor Arrested For Allegedly Impregnating Her

Posted On : 11/29/2017
Romello Leach, 22

Pastor’s Sins

Romello Leach, 22, presumably decided he wanted to live his life for Christ. So much so, that he became a minister at a young age. He was a minister at a church in El Paso County, but something devilish happened while growing into his ministry.  On Wednesday, authorities arrested Leah for allegedly impregnating a 14 year old girl. Now Leah, faces charges of felony sexual assault. Additionally, he had was charged with four counts of felony sexual assault by one in a position of trust with someone under the age of 15.

The information listed on Leah’s arrest affidavit outlined that Leah knows the teen girl’s parents from church.

Romello Leach

Mums The Word

The young teen presumably frightened and unsure of what to do, did not tell anyone about her relationship with Leah. The young girl allegedly had sex with Leah twice but the relationship was not unveiled until May, when her mother noticed her daughter’s belly getting bigger and took her to get checked out. While at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, the young teen shared with her mother and staff that she had sexual relations with the minister and Leah had impregnated her. The employee at the pregnancy center reported the matter to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

 Arrest Made

Authorities responding to the call from the women’s pregnancy center, arrested Leah for allegedly impregnating a 14-year-old-girl. Information regarding a recorded conversation between Leah and his ex-wife outlined in an affidavit listed that his ex-wife asked him point blank during a recorded phone conversation, “So you didn’t sleep with that girl and get her pregnant?” Leach replied, “It happened.” Probing, the ex-wife went on to ask Leah why would he sleep with a 14-year-old girl, who’s parents he knew and to make matters worse get her pregnant. Leah simply replied:

“he knows he has made the worst mistake” and that “it is not like he will go around and sleep with everybody’s 13 or 14-year-old daughter,” the affidavit says.

On Nov. 21st, Leah was having another recorded conversation with an unknown person when he admitted to having sex  with the young girl at least four times and that he was the father of her baby. Leah stated to the person that he:

“admitted the behavior was wrong,” and said he was “full of lust” at the time.

According to court records, the teen girl gave birth on Sept. 15th, roughly two months after her 15th birthday. As of Wednesday, Leah was sitting in the El Paso County jail.

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