You Wouldn’t Want Your Children Around These Two Pastors…EVER!

Posted On : 04/09/2017

If your kids end up around these two pastors, it’s possible they might not return the same. See why they’ve just been arrested.

TOLEDO, OHIO — Incredibly despicable. While living out their carnal fantasies, minors paid the price for the pastors’ sins.

You Wouldn't Want Your Children Around These Two Pastors...EVER!

Sex Trafficking of Children

According to CBS News, Cordell Jenkins, 46, and Anthony Haynes, 37, have been accused of sex trafficking teens. The source notes as follows.

“Federal documents accuse the men of recruiting, enticing and transporting people they knew were under 18 to engage in sex acts for pay.”

One of the involved girls was only 14 years of age. This incident was three years ago. That’s when the investigation began.

Just Nasty…

Haynes and a woman allegedly met on multiple occasions and engaged in sex acts with the 14-year-old victim at local hotels.


Yet, the report notes that Haynes paid the girl money to keep the encounters to herself. In addition, prosecutors say Haynes actually introduced the teen to other “buyers” who paid for sex.

Cordell Jenkins allegedly had sex with the girl, himself, at a Red Roof Inn.

Cordell Jenkins

Also, the two engaged in intercourse at his church office.

This is the Cordell Jenkins everyone thought they knew.


The source notes that the pastors were arrested at their homes on Friday morning, April 7. Jenkins — charged with sexual exploitation of children — was the pastor of Abundant Life Ministries.

Too, Haynes — charged with obstruction of justice — was the pastor of Greater Life Christian Center.

News Footage Below:

According to CBS, the churches aren’t involved in the sex scandals.

Cordell Jenkins on program flyer

The two pastors will be arraigned on April 13 and are being held without bond at Lucas County Jail.

Nevertheless, we’d love to know your thoughts about this type of incident. It seems like various church pastors have turned out as predators over recent years. Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Lucas County Jail]

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