Two Men Facing Severe Charges After Filming Horrific Scene With 9-Month-Old Baby

Posted On : 10/12/2018

As gruesome as it sounds, one Tennessee mother not only discovered vile acts of abuse, but also saw the horrific videos of her infant daughter being raped.

According to KTLA, on Tuesday, October 9, 19-year-old Isiah Dequan Hayes and 22-year-old Daireus Jumare Ice, were indicted by a Shelby County Grand Jury on multiple counts relating to sexual misconduct.

Slapped w/ Charges:

Both Hayes and Ice are reportedly facing four severe charges, including child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse of child victims; rape and aggravated rape of adult victims, and abuse of elderly and vulnerable adults. But not only did Hayes and Ice allegedly rape the 9-month-old baby girl, they went a step further and their actions make the situation even worse. This is why they’ll likely be spending a great deal of time behind bars.

Even if both suspects were able to hire representation to defend them amid the horrific allegations, there are a number of factors that have contributed to the indictments, including incriminating videos and a detailed confession from one of the suspects. All hell broke loose for Hayes and Ice when the mother discovered those videos.

Horrific Filmed Acts:

It has been reported that on October 14, 2016, the mother discovered multiple disturbing videos recorded on a cell phone. In one of the videos, a suspect “could reportedly be seen exposing and touching himself with the child, who was nude from the waist down, still in view,” according to WREG.

When the mother reported the videos, she was able to identify her daughter as the victim in the horrific film. She was also able to identify Isiah Hayes through a Facebook page where he went by the name “Zay.” A press release from the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office also detailed the incident and the suspects’ arrests.

According to investigators, a mother notified authorities on Oct. 14, 2016, when she found video on a cell phone showing a male acquaintance performing sex acts on her baby daughter. Investigators identified Hayes in the video and said Ice was the person taking the video. The case is being handled by Asst. Dist. Atty. Lessie Rainey of the DA’s Special Victims Unit which prosecutes cases of child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse of child victims; rape and aggravated rape of adult victims, and abuse of elderly and vulnerable adults.

Dragged To Hell:

Needless to say, the vicious nature of the crime has caught the attention of social media users everywhere who all agree the judge should throw the book at Hayes and Ice. People all over the country have dragged both men to hell. Although the mother reported the incidents, some are wondering how the men ended up alone with the baby long enough to commit such vile acts.
One person tweeted, “There is something very seriously wrong in the world when this is occurring in society today. It is enough to make any regular person vomit. Have to wonder why the mother didn’t see the physical damage to her baby.”
Another person tweeted, “This is when I’m all for the death penalty. When you mess around with peoples children.”
Many of the other comments were completely ruthless and most people are hoping these two men suffer serious consequences
When the two were arrested in February of this year, Hayes reportedly confessed to the crime. Following his confession, Hayes was charged with aggravated rape of a child and especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor. Both men are being held in Shelby County Jail awaiting sentencing.

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