Two Children Shot During School Picnic On Playground

Posted On : 06/17/2017

Kids were enjoying an end-of-year picnic at school when, suddenly, gunfire rang out. Two innocent children were hit in the crossfire. Here’s what happened.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — It’s truly getting to where parents might need to encase their kids in bulletproof bubbles nowadays.

As an audacious misfortune, violence in Chicago is at an all-time high — mostly coming from exponentially corrupt teens and young adults who received no proper guidance as small children.

And regrettably, a 13-year-old and 7-year-old have felt the sting of that street violence.

Drawing gunfire…

According to WGN-9 News, 13-year-old Dekayla Hart and the younger girl were shot at Joseph Warren Elementary, located on Chicago’s Southside.

Dekayla was shot in the hand while the other girl was hit in the leg.

Chicago Tribune reports that, after the commotion and when Dekayla saw her father, they hugged tightly. She told him, “We didn’t stand a chance.”

Associated Press (AP) reports, “Police spokesman Frank Giancamilli says the injuries aren’t considered life threatening.”

The source also mentions that the shooting happened around 1:30 p.m., “shortly after school officials ordered some former students to leave the picnic…”

WGN-9 says these students had been suspended from the school and were attempting to attend the picnic. However, security escorted them from of the school.

So, according to AP, the suspended students were standing on the street corner near the elementary — when, suddenly, a car rolled up on them and opened fire.

This is when they started running back toward the elementary, causing the two children to be hit during the drive-by shooting.

The disgust…

WGN-9 reports as follows.

“Police say multiple suspects were stopped near the scene and are being held and questioned.  The car in which they were riding was reported stolen.”

Likewise, AP notes those being detained as “persons of interest.”

Chicago Tribune makes mention a young girl having seen a suspicious car before all the shooting began.

“Before the gunman began shooting, 14-year-old Anaja Williams said she saw a black car driving around the playground where she and her three cousins were playing. The car circled a second time and she was about to tell a teacher when there was gunfire.”

Luckily, the children didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries from the mayhem at Joseph Warren Elementary.

It could’ve easily gone in an entirely different direction.

The students and parents are surely blessed.

Realistically, it’s an absolute shame that elementary students can’t even enjoy a lunch outside without fighting for their lives.

That’s similarly the point Mayor Rahm Emanuel made during his press conference afterwards.

“They deserve their childhood, uninterrupted by a bunch of ‘gangbangers’! … thank God they had a strong school…[and family].”

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