Thanksgiving Turkey Testicle Festival — ‘White People’, Please Stop

Posted On : 11/23/2017

HUNTLEY, ILLINOIS — There are always some who have to ruin it for everybody. Thanksgiving turkey is a flagship. How are you going to taint it by celebrating AND EATING its balls?

According to Northwest Herald, the 35th annual Turkey Testicle festival kicked off Wednesday, November 22, in Huntley.

Note: They have celebrated and eaten turkey balls for thirty…five…years. Let that sink in.

The source reports more than 1,200 pounds of testicles were served for the festival.

Balls are good. And stuff. #testicles #turkey #turkeytesticles #turkeyballs #ballsinmymouth #hoelifeornolife

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And, more than 5,000 people attended the event throughout the day.

Kevin Hart Staring gif
Now watching my white friends around the table … seeing if they go for the turkey’s balls.

Note: There are 5,000 people in these United States who enjoy the taste of a turkey’s balls.

. . . . . . I mean, did you even know that turkeys have balls? This writer did not! I’m not trying to look at the bird like that.


The Northwest Herald reports a particular couple’s taste for the Thanksgiving “delicacy.” Their names? Tony and Alicia Fritz.

According to the source, they came from Barrington Hills for the fifth year in a row. Alicia says, “[It’s] something you just have to experience.” Her husband, Tony, elaborates further.

“You can eat…turkey testicles, and you can’t get that at any restaurants. We come and get a thing of the turkey balls, and I don’t really like them, but you have to try them.”

He also says turkey testicles have the consistency of mushrooms but the flavor of liver.

Kenan Thompson Why

The source states people from all over the U.S. and even the world flock to the festival every year.

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Last year, according to J.R. Westberg, people from 37 states and four countries attended the turkey ball scarfing event.

Westberg co-owns Parkside Pub in Huntley. This is where McHenry County’s first pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Testicle Festival started, as reports Northwest Herald.

Not to mention, other cities also have started celebrating similar festivals. Check out this tweet from Henry’s Pub in Oklahoma.

(“The madness is spreading!”)

Nevertheless, there you have it, people. You’ll never look at your turkeys the same.

Happy Thanksgiving…

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