‘Trump Might Work Out’, Chris Rock Says That The World Is Being Run By The Cast Of ‘The Apprentice’

Posted On : 02/22/2018

It’s not what you think. Chris Rock did not just endorse Donald Trump. His comedy special “Tambourine” was released Wednesday on Netflix and the legendary comedian was just offering his trademark sarcastic commentary.

Rock compared Trump to the schoolyard bully that America was not ready to take on at all. Sure the office of the president is supposed to authoritative, but Trump has taken things to a whole other level.

“We need f*cking bullies, that’s how Trump became president,” Rock said. “We got rid of bullies, a real bully showed up and nobody knew how to handle it.”

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He went on to discuss his revelation that we are literally living on the set of a reality show. Considering the role that Trump’s family has played in his administration, his staff strangely resembles that of a top-rated prime time show on NBC. Trump even hired someone whom he has fired several times in the past.

“Sh*t, the cast of The Apprentice is running the world,” Rock shared with the audience. “Trump, the daughter, Omarosa, they run the world, man. Oh, sh*t is crazy.”

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While some who voted for Trump have since abandoned ship, his base remains strong. Political pundits have accused the president of using inflammatory rhetoric to keep them happy. And many of his policies on immigration, the wall, and, most recently, gun control, have voters across the board concerned about the fate of the country. But Rock offered the audience the audacity of hope.

“Here’s the crazy thing, it might just work out, Trump might work out,” Rock assured the audience. “Yeah, I said it, Trump might work out. I mean, think about it this way, Bush was so bad, he gave us Obama.”

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Rock reminded the audience of just how bad off the country was when Obama ran for office that people dared to think, “Hey, maybe this Black guy has the answers.” He even suggested that Bush did his part in the Black revolutionary movement.

“I think people overlook George Bush’s contributions to Black history,” Rock said. “George Bush is a Black revolutionary, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, George Bush.”

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