Trailer For Action Thriller ‘Breaking In’ Features Gabrielle Union Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Posted On : 01/12/2018

After four successful seasons on BET, Gabrielle Union’s Being Mary Jane will end the same way that it started with a 2-hour movie finale. But that doesn’t mean that Union is out of a job. The We Need More Wine best-selling author is looking forward to the release of her new Universal Pictures film “Breaking In” on May 11, just in time for Mother’s Day. And when you see her in the trailer for this role, the date will make perfect sense.

Union plays a mother of two named Shaun who travels to Malibu, Ca., with her two children after the unexpected death of her father. The family home is an expansive estate and Shaun is just there to tie up some loose ends, which includes preparing the house for sale. But the trailer reveals that her father apparently had secrets.

Upon arrival, viewers find out that her children had never visited her childhood home. But in a frightening series of events, Shaun would find herself in the position to have to rescue her children from some people who trapped both of them in the house. They wanted something out of her father’s safe and these men were forcing Shaun to help them get it.

The bad guys clearly underestimated how far this mother would go to protect her young. In this action-packed thriller, Union’s character would have to literally break into the house and take out all four of the intruders. Shaun was tasked with strategically bypassing the armed fortress of a security system just to get back inside.

Union had to get into incredible shape for this movie as the physical demands of this action-packed thriller warranted it. She climbed on rooftops, jumped from staircases, raced across the estate, wrestled with bad guys, and used everything she could get her hands on as a weapon. If the trailer is any indication of the finished product, Union’s performance will leave moms cheering in the aisles at theaters across the country.

Will Packer, who was the executive producer of the box office smash “Girls’ Trip,” along with Union and others teamed up to produce the project. Deadline reported that James McTeigue served as the director. Check out the official trailer that was released on Thursday. Will you be watching?

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