Tragic: Grandmother Charged w/ Murder After Stabbing & Baking 20-Month-Old Baby

Posted On : 10/17/2018

As bizarre as the title seems, that’s exactly what one Mississippi grandmother is accused of: fatally stabbing and baking her own granddaughter.

According to the Associated Press, on Tuesday, October 16, Carolyn Jones was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for the horrific death of her 20-month-old granddaughter Royalty Marie Floyd. On the evening of Monday, October 15, the 48-year-old grandmother’s brother is said to have made the gruesome discovery when he opened the oven door and saw the child’s mutilated body.

Stabbed and Baked:

When Jones’ brother discovered the child’s body, he immediately called the police and they alerted the sheriff’s office and other first responders for further assistance. Once the child’s body was removed from the oven, officers also noted that she’d been stabbed. Spokesman Warren Strain at the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, has revealed investigators are now working to determine the child’s cause of death and the time she died. Right now, police cannot determine whether the child was placed inside the oven before or after she died. The body has been taken to a Crime Lab in Pearl, MS for an autopsy.

During a press conference, Bolivar County Sheriff Kelvin Williams Sr. released details about the child’s disturbing death. The child was reportedly “living at the residence with Jones at the time of the murder.” He admitted that this case is one of the most horrific he’s seen in his 25 years of law enforcement.

“I’ve been in law enforcement a long time, 26 years almost. Some of the most horrific scenes I’ve seen in law enforcement involve children. Those are some of the— they have an effect on us. We don’t want it to happen, but unfortunately, things like this happen.” Williams said, “This is one of the most horrible things I’ve seen.”

But Why?…:

Although investigators are still working to collect evidence tying the 48-year-old grandmother to the heinous crime, Sheriff Williams has cited that she was the only person inside the home.

“That was the only person who was there with the child at the time,” Williams said. The investigation is currently underway as investigators are working to piece together the timeline and determine the circumstances surrounding the child’s death. When asked specific questions about the case, Williams said, “We are trying to figure that out ourselves. We have no idea at this point.”

“The Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office is working in conjunction with the Shaw Police Department, the Bolivar County District Attorney’s office, the Bolivar County Coroner’s office, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to collect all the evidence so that we can ensure justice for this innocent victim,” Williams added.

Neighbors also revealed they rarely ever saw anyone visit or leave the home where the child’s body was found. But one thing is clear: an innocent baby did not deserve to die.

“It’s a baby. It’s an innocent child. She didn’t ask to be here,” neighbor Tomorrow Williams told WMC-TV.

An Unexpected Funeral:

The child’s mother, Veronica Jones, has started a GoFundMe account in hopes of raising funds to cover the cost of her child’s funeral expenses. On the page, she revealed her daughter would have made 21 months on October 17 but sadly, her life was cut short in one of the most gruesome ways imaginable.

“I am the mother of Royalty Marie Floyd. My daughter was stabbed and baked in the oven by her grandmother on October 15, 2018 in Shaw, Mississippi. The story is all in the media. My daughter would have been 21 months old on October 17, 2018. Royalty was so beautiful & I loved her more than anything in the world. I’m starting this gofundme to take care of the funeral arrangements of Royalty Marie Floyd. Anything that is [given] will be deeply appreciated.”

Sheriff Williams hopes that the mother can find peace in justice being served, but we all know that won’t change the fact that her child was allegedly murdered by her own mother.

“Dark days such as these can only be brightened when justice is served.”

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