Toddler’s Foster Parents Tried To Adopt — But Gov’t Sent Him Back To Killer Mom

Posted On : 09/06/2018

LARGO, FLORIDA — The foster parents tried to save him. The system absolutely failed him…resulting in his untimely death at the hands of his murderous mother.

In essence, the system killed little Jordan Belliveau. There’s honestly more attention paid towards ensuring pets have a good home than that of children tossed around by CPS, DCF, etc.

It’s abhorrently clear that these various government agents and agencies have failed time after time to appropriately do their job. Had DCF simply checked whether Charisse Stinson was a danger to Jordan, he would still be alive today.

Jordan Belliveau literally has two sides to his family, and neither of them had him for over a year. This toddler was in foster care the entire time, and the foster family is speaking out.


According to Inside Edition, Sam and Juliet Warren took Jordan in during January 2017. He lived with them until May 2018, when Charisse demanded him back.

“We loved Jordan deeply and we are devastated by his loss,” Sam mentions to the source.

“We want you to know a bit about the Jordan that we knew. He wasn’t just the boy in the AMBER alert. Jordan was filled with joy. Most folks knew him [as] the Jordan that was laid back with an easy smile and a twinkle in his eye. He was our Mr. Chuckles. Like most other little boys, we saw Jordan’s mischievous side as well. We are devastated by his loss.”

The Warrens state that Jordan “flourished” around those who loved him. It’s crazy because the toddler learned to crawl, walk, and talk…all inside the Warren’s household.

Yet, he was stripped of his joy and pleasant environment by court order, according to Sam. The Warrens reluctantly had to give Jordan back to his no-good mother.

And not long thereafter, Jordan — still trying to master walking and running — was left in the woods to die…with ever-increasing seizures. Scared. Alone. Cold.

NOTE: If you’re interested in coverage pertaining to Jordan’s discovery, check the details here.

The Warrens say that Jordan was failed by the same system which was supposed to protect him.

“He was failed by many people who should have protected him, but didn’t. Promises that were made to us about how he would be protected after his return were broken. Ultimately we have hope that our painful loss will result in a fundamental reexamination of the entire system of how foster care works, of the reunification process. Jordan deserves that and the other children in the system need that.”

According to Inside Edition, Charisse Stinton is charged with aggravated child abuse and first-degree murder. Currently, the source says she’s held on a $500,000 bond.

If you’re interested in the original report, The Black Loop previously covered the mother’s AMBER alert story — which turned out to be completely fabricated.

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