[Video] March For Our Lives — New NAACP Youth Director Tells Attendees ‘What They Will NOT Do Is Ignore Black Voices’

Posted On : 03/28/2018

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — If you don’t know Tiffany Dena Loftin by now, you will come to know her in the future. Here’s what she had to say at the recent “March For Our Lives” event.

Via an Instagram post, Tiffany D. Loftin let her presence — as well as that of the Black community at large — be known, regarding legislation.

As the new National Director of Youth and College at the NAACP, Loftin spoke up on behalf of the Black community during the March For Our Lives event in Washington, D.C.

“We’re here for three important reasons,” Loftin expressed.

“No.1, what they will not do is ignore Black voices. No.2, what they will make sure to do is include our agenda in the agenda for gun prevention reform.”


“When talking about legislative issues and solutions for gun violence, it has to include the intersections of Black violence,” Loftin elaborates. “That means guns, gangs, schools, teachers, police brutality…it has to include all of us, if we’re going to do this together.”

Then, Loftin makes the mission extra clear: “This is not about ‘white people’ and school shootings in the classroom.”

“They kill us in churches; they kill us on the streets; they kill us in a car; they kill us when we’re traveling; AND they kill us in our classrooms. This is about all the young Black people you can see behind me right here. That’s what this is about.”

Too, Loftin mentions that — while the concerts and such were great — all of that was beside the point of being there.

“We’re here to organize, represent, and show power,” Tiffany mentioned during the brief interview. But, she wasn’t finished.

“And the third thing we’re here to do is actually have a great time. We came from all across the entire country to be here, for this specific moment. And I want my people to feel empowered. I want them to go back to the fields and to know that, when they get back to local organizing, that’s where it matters.”

According to Loftin, this wasn’t just an event for her. It was much more than that. As she stated in a post afterwards, it was all “a moment to organize, educate, and recruit.”

And…she says that’s exactly what they did.

“We organized almost 1,000 students in less than 10 days from over 24 diff cities,” Loftin mentions in the Instagram post.


Matter of fact, according to Loftin’s official biography from her website, her position allows her to serve more than “700 Youth Councils, High School Chapters, and College Chapters actively involved in the fight for civil rights.”

And, it seems that Loftin definitely has an extensive track record proving her success. The source notes as follows.

“Ms. Loftin was formerly the Senior Program Specialist in Community Advocacy and Partnership Engagement, Center for Social Justice at the National Education Association. Her responsibilities focused around aligning NEA priorities with partners within the African-American and progressive communities and creating opportunities for critical dialogue and action addressing the racial and economic disparities that impact educators, students, and communities across the country.”

Likewise, she’s also served as Racial Justice Program Coordinator for the Civil, Human, and Women’s Rights Department — additionally making appearances on TV One, Fox News, ABC, People’s World, National Public Radio, and Al Jazeera.

So, as she mentioned in her interview, she’s assuredly here to represent. She did that.

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[Featured Photo via @TiffanyDLoftin / Instagram]

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