This Sudanese Beauty Is Turning Heads And Breaking Necks — And We Have Her Details

Posted On : 04/04/2018

WORLDWIDE — Just when you thought you had no other reason to log into Instagram, you might want to make an alarm for these posts. Her name is Amirah Dyme.

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AGE: 23

BIRTH DATE: January 14, 1995

SIGN: Capricorn

ETHNICITY: Sudanese, German

FOLLOWERS: 1 million+

Her nickname is “Cake Queen.” And, surely, you can see why she’s been crowned with such a title. Chocolate Informed notes as follows regarding her nickname.

“By urban definition, a cake queen is a woman who is treated like royalty because she possesses so much booty. And yes, Amirah Dyme is definitely in possession of an abundance of assets, and like a queen, she’s destined to rule.”

It’s no secret that this model is beyond beautiful, and she’s completely confident in her skin.

As aforementioned, she comes from Sudanese heritage. However, according to All Urban Central, she was born and raised in Germany.

Overall, Amirah has basically let it be known that what you see is what you get.


Unfortunately for Amirah, due to her body type and shape, she’s dealt with her share of haters attempting to expose her as a fraud. She mentions as follows.

“I don’t go around making people think I’m thick af and in reality I’m a skinny woman. That’s not the case.”

And according to her, she’s 100 percent natural. Too, she adds that she doesn’t look the same every time you see her. “A body changes,” Amirah says.

“I’m thick, I’m natural, my waist is small af and my hips are wide as hell…always has been that way,” Amirah Dyme notes via an Instagram post. “I’m a woman. Sometimes, I’m thick; sometimes, life is stressful, and I lose a few pounds here and there. Who cares?”

“Stop trying to ‘expose’ me on Instagram if there’s really nothing to expose…Why do women always try to find anything to hate on???”

“I’m full of mistakes and flaws and I’m learning to accept them,” the model elaborates. “If you got time to point fingers at others, you’re not working hard enough.”

And on the topic of work, according to Famous Birthdays, she’s also done work with NA-KD, Fashion Nova, and Blanco Bay, as a few brand ambassador opportunities. Also, she has her own clothing line with IMME Collection.


While there was a time she didn’t exactly appreciate her curvy figure, those days are out the window, according to Chocolate Informed.

The source mentions that, at one point in her life, she refused to wear tight clothing. Reportedly, Amirah states as follows.

“I can’t believe that there was a time when I refused to wear tight pants or jeans cause it made my butt look huge. I used to hide my curves; now, I embrace them.”

The model notes that she’s no longer afraid to show her beauty — that includes any and all flaws. Via a relevant Instagram post, Amirah states as follows.

“I’m not body positive, strong, or confident because I’m not afraid to show my flaws. Guess what?? Everybody has them! I love my body because it’s freaking beautiful!”

Recently, approximately 6 months ago, she spent time in South Africa and enjoyed her time on location. She notes that it was the best time of her life.

Likewise, Amirah mentioned in a post via early March, she plans on returning “soon.”

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[Featured Photo via Amirah Dyme / Instagram]

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