This Man Just Killed A Cop, AND He Was ‘Captured Without Incident’

Posted On : 08/09/2017

During a traffic stop, this week, a Missouri officer died and did not make it home to his family because of this man, here.

CLINTON, MISSOURI — The incident happened on Sunday, August 6. According to NBC News, Ian McCarthy was pulled over approximately 75 miles southeast of Kansas City.

The reports says that Officer Gary Michael made the stop for a registration violation. According to the source, McCarthy then shot at Officer Michael.

That’s when the officer fired back at the driver, wounding him as he drove off — as mentions Missouri Highway Patrol spokeswoman Vanessa McHenry.

Unfortunately, the officer died from his inflicted injury. After the incident, the department launched a 2-day manhunt for McCarthy. Luckily, a passerby saw a strange man walking along the highway and reported the situation to dispatch.

It was McCarthy. Although, as mentions NBC News, the passerby didn’t know McCarthy was wanted for murder at the time of the call.

Immediately, units jumped it. The source says the man was taken into custody around 6:15 p.m., on Tuesday, August 8. In fact, he was taken into custody without incident, says Highway Patrol Sergeant Bill Lowe.

At the time of the his arrest, the source says he didn’t have a weapon on him.

***Much like Dylann Roof, they didn’t rough him up. They didn’t shoot him. They didn’t beat him within an inch of his life. They simply … apprehended him. Who knows, maybe they also stopped him by Burger King?***

NBC News reports that McCarthy had suffered a gunshot wound, and it was believed to have been delivered by Officer Gary Michael. Sergeant Lowe mentions as follows.

“Officer Michael was heroic to the end. Even sustaining a fatal gunshot wound he was able to return fire, and to protect himself as well as the citizens here in Clinton. It’s a relief for us that he’s in custody, but it’s with extreme sadness that it was a result of Officer Michael losing his life.”

On Tuesday, the sergeant noted that the killing was “a senseless act, a cowardly act.”

Likewise, he thanked the passerby who called in the tip.

According to Lowe, “McCarthy has been cooperative.” Yet, they still haven’t located his weapon. Hmph…

***This man is a proven cop-killer. Yet, they show him leniency and cooperation. Meanwhile, upstanding citizens who pose no threat like Philando Castile — or worse, those who are completely unarmed — weren’t given a chance to show their level of “cooperative” candor.***

After McCarthy was apprehended, authorities actually took him to a hospital for treatment. The sergeant said he was being held in custody there and was in stable condition.

According to Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, “Justice will be done.” Yet, he’s the same governor who just passed the nicknamed “Jim Crow laws” in Missouri. So, his word is a bit iffy right now.

***Hmm…I wonder why they didn’t give him capital murder? According to Trump, that’s what cop killers are supposed to get, right? …Questions, questions…***

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