This Iraqi Dictator Was A Huge Fan Of Mary J. Blige Before His Execution

Posted On : 06/05/2017

Just goes to show, you never know who’s “getting it percolating” to the sounds of Mary J. Blige. Even in his last days, this former Iraqi president vibed out.

This particular Iraqi figurehead’s name was notorious. Generally, whenever his name was spoken, many people instantly felt threatened.

So, who is he?

Well, he’s none other than former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

According to USA Today, Will Bardenwerper has published a biography about the last days of Saddam Hussein’s life. This author is a former Army infantry officer.

The source says the author “interviewed numerous members of the squad tasked with guarding and protecting Hussein.”

Likewise, the book notes that “one of Hussein’s greatest pleasures in the weeks leading up his execution was listening to the catchy, soulful tunes of R&B goddess Mary J. Blige.”

Bardenwerper writes that Hussein had access to a radio. And while scanning stations, he would always stop tuning if he happened to come across a song from Mary J.

Mind you, the soulful artist does have a song for nearly every life experience you could go through. So, maybe Saddam could relate to “I’m Going Down”?

His whole world was upside down after he was convicted.

USA Today reports as follows.

“The dictator, generally known for sparking the Persian Gulf war in ’91 and the Iraqi war in 2003, was charged with a catalog of war crimes and was executed at the end of 2006.”

In this work, Bardenwerper notes that Hussein was a “prisoner in his palace.” Yet, along with the sweet music of Mary J. Blige, he also loved sweets in his stomach, as reports Vulture. The guards told Bardenwerper that it made Hussein appear less intimidating among his staff.

However, obviously, he was one who wouldn’t hesitate to lay down the law…his law — “getting it crunk” while “percolating,” of course.

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