This Aspiring ‘Counselor’ Is The Epitome Of Thickness

Posted On : 05/17/2018

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Talk about being Snicker’s THICK! This woman has been on the scene for a while, but she’s still picking up steam … and making things steamy.

Her name is Crisana Mariyah. And she’s definitely someone who can capture your attention.

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Birthday: June 28, 1992

Birthplace: New York City, New York

Sign: Cancer

Age: 25

According to Hip Hop Wired, Crisana Mariyah is quite possibly a veteran of the “video vixen” and “urban modeling” scene. However, that’s nowhere near the totality of her resumé.

The source reports that she’s also a notable brand ambassador and event host “with no plans of stopping her grind anytime soon.”

Reportedly, Crisana has appeared in Straight Stuntin’ — as can be seen from the photo above. According to the model, the photo was taken during one of her magazine shoots. Also, Crisana has worked with Dynasty Series, GGurls, Lookbook, as well as appeared in numerous of videos.

At the time of this publication, the model increasingly stands with over 960,000 Instagram followers and 23,000 Twitter followers.

Hip Hop Wired mentions that she leads an active presence on social media, especially Instagram.

Always straight like the number 8

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Nevertheless, when it comes to thickness, Crisana is “the purest definition of the word,” as mentions XXL.

The source mentions that she assuredly has the personality to match her “bodacious bod.” During an exclusive interview with the source, she took a few minutes to speak to XXL  about her hobbies, goals, and what she’d do if she weren’t modeling.

“I honestly have fun with all the videos I’ve done,” Crisana tells XXL. “Of course, the bigger ones matter the most, but I like small sets with a little bit less people. On bigger sets, I turn into my alter ego because I tend to get a little shy.”

According to the model, she’s also worked with porn stars — who, by the way, she says are “always the nicest.” She continues by stating: “It seems they’re nasty as well, but in a great way.”

Yet, if she weren’t a model, Crisana says she’d be a full-time actress. “Or, I’d be a sex counselor,” she elaborates.

As for special interests and hobbies, the model notes as follows.

“I love to shop, of course — every woman’s guilty pleasure. But I also like to read and spend time with family and close friends. I also find pleasure in doing volunteer work, and feeding the homeless. It’s always fun to give back.”

“I am an independent woman building a brand for myself, not only through modeling, but on the business side as well,” the model explains. “I want to inspire young women to step out on faith and make it happen for themselves!”

If you’re interested in watching extended footage from one of Crisana Mariyah’s video shoots, follow this link.

Whether via Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, this particular model has no problem pulling attention and being hunted by different brands.

Sometimes, you have to be able to make your “self” into a brand. Some people may say she has no talent; however, the reality of all success is simply: talent isn’t necessary.

Yet, consistency is a requirement. And, it seems as if she’s maintained her drive throughout her time in the industry.

The fake can never beat the real #keeptrying 💋

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[Featured Photo via Crisana Mariyah / Instagram]

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