Thinking Of Renting Through AirBnB? This Disturbing Discovery Will Make You Think Twice

Posted On : 12/06/2017

Everyone probably has a long list of places they’d like to travel to, but unfortunately, financial obligations don’t always leave lots of room for leisure and pleasurable experiences. But over the past couple years, websites like AirBnB have made traveling much more affordable for people all over the world. However, there appears to be one major drawback about the service. Lately, people have been complaining about a very disturbing reason.

Invasion Of Privacy?:

According to Buzzfeed, a tweet is going viral because one guy’s colleague discovered cameras in his AirBnB room – a motion detector to be exact. Then to make matters worse, other people have also come forward with claims about cameras being found in their AirBnB rooms. The post and complaints have sparked controversy and now people are pressuring the company to take the concerns of paying travelers very seriously. “I would love to see Airbnb take this seriously, but not if it means bringing that stress back into our lives,” they said.

Another woman named Erin shared details about her horrible experience at an AirBnB in Houston, TX. She, too, found a hidden camera in her room. When she discovered the camera, she unplugged it. At some point during the stay, homeowner noticed the cameras were unplugged. She recalled the man’s mysterious reaction after learning the cameras had been unplugged. “He texted me a lot while I was in Houston. It was kind of a lot looking back and I think he was kind of taking my temperature after he noticed the cameras were unplugged.”

When she complained about the issue to AirBnB, reports suggest nothing was done. Then, to make matters worse, the guy reported her for alleged damage just one hour after she’d left. Although she took to Twitter to complain about the incident, unfortunately, she didn’t take pictures. The situation became even more disturbing when she was told the owner of the AirBnB had his personal information “sequestered” after she left. But disturbingly enough, he had all of her information. “It was really scary because this dude knows where I live, my full name, my cell number,” said Erin. “But at the same time I know his full name and number, too, so I figured that kind of protects me.

AirBnb’s Response:

Despite the growing number of complaints, Jeff Henry, an Airbnb spokesperson, claims the situation is “incredibly rare.” “Cameras are never allowed in bathrooms or bedrooms; any other cameras must be properly disclosed to guests ahead of time,” Henry said.

Despite his claims, it has also been reported that multiple cameras were also found in AirBnB apartments in SoHo New York, according to the NYPD 5th Precinct. the law enforcement agency took to Twitter with an announcement about the disturbing discovery. “#AirBnB customers be aware! Multiple hidden #cameras found in a rental apartment bathroom in #soho yesterday. These hidden cameras look like iPhone charger adaptors with remote viewing capability! A male has been arrested and charged with unlawful surveillance #NYPDprotecting”

Hopefully, AirBnB sorts out the confusion in a timely fashion or the company could be facing legal issues in the near future. The company definitely has a few problems on its hands.

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