These H.S. Seniors Just Received Over $200 Million In Scholarships

Posted On : 05/23/2018

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — It was a room full of excellence at Whitehaven High School. When it was announced that the senior class had over $200 million in scholarships, the atmosphere became overwhelming.

According to Local Memphis 24, Whitehaven High School held its graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 19.

These H.S. Seniors Just Received Over $200 Million In Scholarships

The source reports that more than $200 million in scholarships were awarded to graduates. Likewise, hundreds of students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.


The source caught up with three Whitehaven High School graduates earlier in the week. These three reportedly received more than $30 million worth of college scholarships, alone. That’s when Local 24 learned roughly 300 students out of a graduating class of 400 also walked across the stage with scholarship money.

Jackie Woods, proud parent of graduate Jayla Woods, had this to say about the students amid this particular graduating class.

“They have 76 Tigers that have at least a million dollars so that’s amazing in itself so we’re just excited to hear what the end total is going to be.”

Moreover, senior Chelsea Haywood also received more than $200,000 in scholarships.

NOTE: Can you imagine the refund these students are about to have after expenses? Talk about setting yourself up to succeed! If these students manage their money effectively, they’ll give themselves a massive headstart in life.

Chelsea Haywood, Whitehaven High School graduate, says: “It was a lot of long nights, staying up, omg.”

“Overnight, after no sleep going to school turning in essays. It was really, really hard work but it was all worth it in the end. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Similarly, Brenda Campbell’s nephew also graduated on Saturday, and the entire ceremony served as an inspiration to her.

“I didn’t get the opportunity to walk across the stage,” Campbell told the news source. “I did graduate with my GED, so I’m just proud of him because nowadays it’s hard for children to even get through the 12th grade.”


Again, just so it clicks, 300 students from Whitehaven High School walked across the stage with scholarships totaling more than $200 million.

Several parents are coming to grips with the fact their children have gone above and beyond for themselves. They’re not “statistics.” And, they’ve shown that the system can be overcome. Although the journey has been rigged, these students have adapted, persevered, and claimed victory over their futures.

Jackie Latiker, proud parent of graduate Meaghen Jones, mentions as follows.

“It is an awesome feeling. Best day ever. I tell you, ever since birth to now, it’s just the same feeling all over again and it’s been phenomenal to be parents of Megan and she has made parenting just a piece of cake.”

Also, graduate Te’Kara Booker leaves a quick word for younger students: “Study! You gotta stay on top of your game, senior year was no joke.”

Reportedly, this year Whitehaven High School’s goal for college scholarships was $135 million. The school surpassed that goal with more than $200 awarded in scholarships.

If you’re interested in the local news coverage, check the video below.

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