Black Panther: Theater Claps Back Strong After Multiple ‘Wakanda Isn’t Real’ Comments

Posted On : 02/19/2018

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS — Black Panther has undoubtedly shattered all kinds of records, and certain demographics don’t like the unity it’s causing among the worldwide Black community.

While influencing worldwide pride for African culture — and even if “fictitious,” a point of reference — the Black community has been receiving several comments regarding us “doing too much” since the movie’s debut.

Note: The above dance group performed at a Los Angeles theater and is only used as an example of unity in African culture and heritage.


Naperville’s Hollywood Palms Cinema took to Twitter to address some remarks regarding its Black Panther promotion.

As you’ve probably seen, many antagonizing trolls have overly expressed that Wakanda is a “fictional” place.

According to Comicbook, one of the theater’s promotions was met with a “series of annoying comments” like the “fake location,” so — tired of the bulls**t — the theater responded with a silencing clapback straight from the minds of Wakandans.

The facility issued an “apology” statement as follows.

“We did not wish to give the false impression that Wakanda, a country with bulletproof suits that fit into small containers, flying cars, and gender equality was a real place. We would also like to take this opportunity to any Sokovian refugees [Avengers], citizens of Kamar-Taj [Doctor Strange], or visitors from far-off Asgard [Thor] who may have been offended.”

Note: Isn’t it interesting how Harry Potter, Thor, Ironman, The Avengers, etc. premieres are littered in cosplay outfits with no problem at all? However, once Blacks finally get the chance to do the same — because we’re not portrayed as thugs, slaves, or other demoralizing roles — we’re “doing too much”? Who wants to cosplay being a slave?? Trolls have gone to great lengths in attempt to discredit the influence of this particular movie.

And speaking on shattering history, according to the source, Black Panther smashed the box office with a record-breaking $387 million worldwide debut thus far.

**See the power of the Black dollar??**

Marvel Studios’ president, Kevin Feige, has declared Black Panther to be  “the best film” the company has ever made, according to the source.

All in all, this is an awesome thing that’s happening for the Black community. Our youth, as well as the rest of the world, needs to see unity among our people.

As Michael B. Jordan says, “This is just the beginning.”

Let us know your thoughts about the theater’s response — as well as if you’ve encountered others emphasizing that Wakanda is “fictional.”

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