[Video] Pastor Thaddeus Matthews — ‘I Don’t Give A F**k What You Think, I Like P***y…I Like Women’

Posted On : 03/25/2018

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Your favorite pastor is at it again with another video. This time, he’s got words for any men who have something to say about his photo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Thaddeus Matthews, he’s better known as “the cussing pastor.” Generally, when it comes to Matthews’ presentation, it’s quite unfiltered; and that’s just the way he prefers it.

Matthews is definitely a popular social media and talk show personality — and like celebs, he also has fans. Matter of fact, one dropped by his office to see him. That’s when they decided to do a photo op together.

Yet, here’s where things got a bit messy — which he’s addressing in his video.

“I see that some of you, as men, seem to have a problem with me posting a picture of a fan who dropped by my office…and…I’m laying my head on her titties.”

NOTE: I just hollered (but continuing).

“When did men start having problems with another man laying his head on a set of titties?” Matthews asks.

“I’m a man. I’m a pastor, yes. If YOUR pastor does not admire a beautiful woman, he must admire a beautiful man.”

“Please understand that pastors are men too,” Matthews continues. “And you need to understand that, when I’m on this page, it’s all about business. It’s all about marketing. It’s all about branding. It ain’t all about the church. I am a pastor who happens to be a television talk show host.”

While getting ready to sign off and make his ultimate point, Matthews ensures to accentuate the following phrase.

“So, I don’t give a F**K what you think. I like p*ssy. I like women. And I’mma keep on liking’m. Now, if you don’t like none, try you some. You might like it.”


Of course, he’s addressing haters — of which he seems to have many, according to the video’s and photos’ comment sections.

Yet, there are people on both sides of the situation. Some appreciate his unfiltered realness while others say it’s unbecoming of a pastor or man of God. For instance, take the two comments below as example.

Anthony Johnson mentions as follows.

“You have to listen to him and hear his words. He’s not married. But y’all accept gay pastors but not him who speak truth.”

Then, Summer Murray says:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right he can’t justify being inappropriate by saying he is a man that likes titties.”


Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time he’s brought up homosexual pastors or church members. The Black Loop previously covered another one of Matthews’ rants, titled “Church Sissies.”

In that report, the source discussed Matthews having been caught up in a lawsuit regarding Pastor Frederick Smith. Apparently, Matthews had made accusations against Smith, saying:

  • he had sex with his adult nephew
  • he’s HIV-positive
  • he closed his church, New Life Holiness Church
  • and has a female concubine in a home in East Memphis.

So, with these allegations on the table, Smith was seeking $4 million in damages, specifically for defamation of character.

However, his talks have also triggered some people to act. Around January 2017, someone attempted to rob Thaddeus Matthews at gunpoint, while he was parked in front of his garage. The Black Loop reported on the incident as follows.

“He got out of his car to open his garage, then went back to the driver’s seat. That’s when a man runs up. Matthews says the man put the gun in his face and told him to lay on the ground, but Matthews refused.”

So, as Matthews mentions in the video below, he really DOESN’T give a f**k.

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[Featured Photo via @Tone_Savant / Instagram]

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