Houston Mom Wishes Death On Man Who Attacked Her Daughter Whom She Met On Facebook

Posted On : 01/23/2018

“I just want this guy caught, and whatever the law feels like he deserves, give it to him. Because Lord knows if I had a chance to get my hands on him, his Momma would be going to his funeral.”

Danetta Perry told ABC 13 that the man who attacked her daughter and then stole Perry’s car deserved to die. After meeting a man on Facebook and taking Perry’s 2014 Honda Civic to go meet up with him, daughter Tashawna Wolfe found herself fighting for her life. Perry had a feeling all along that things would not end well.

The 27-year-old left the house on Sunday to pick up her new acquaintance from the Pep Boys parking lot in North Houston. When Perry spoke to Wolfe on the phone, she had been gone a bit too long. The concerned mother thought that her daughter was running a quick errand.

“I thought she borrowed my car to get something for the kids,” Perry told ABC 13. “I told her to bring my car back now. She said okay, then hung up.”

Victim Tashawna Wolfe
Tashawna Wolfe was beaten and robbed after driving around with a man she met on Facebook.

But Wolfe decided to drive around with her new friend for over an hour instead. Once the sun went down, things took an ugly turn. Wolfe said that the man became aggressive and starting fighting with her. They pulled over at a parking lot and the man tried to take control of the car.

“Half of my body was still in the car because he was holding me by my shirt and my jacket, and my feet was out of the car and I was trying to fight back, to let me go,” Wolfe recounted.

Wolfe managed to call her mother before the man got away or inflicted any serious injuries on her. She told Perry that he was choking and beating her. Wolfe was left with bruises and scrapes but is lucky to be alive.

While police have not yet charged the man identified only by his Facebook account, his name matched that of a person with an extensive criminal record. Wolfe wishes that her daughter had exercised better judgment, but she is glad that Wolfe is home safe. Perry just wants the man caught and her car returned to her.

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