Texas College Students Live In Converted School Bus While Saving For The House They Are Building

Posted On : 01/04/2018

There is nothing more powerful than a made-up mind. So when LaTroy Gable Jr. and his fiancee decided to get their college degrees and move into a home of their own after graduation, they were willing to do some pretty unconventional things to accomplish their goals.

The couple worked while taking classes at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. But in order to buy a plot of land and build a home from the ground up, they had to find a way to save money. So they opted to live on a school bus that had been converted into a motor home of sorts for a year and a half.

During that time, they used the money they saved on paying rent and used it to buy a residential lot on Utica Street. They managed to save over $10,000, bought the lot, hired a contractor, and are in the final stages of construction on their new home.


temporary home
Lamar University students lived in a converted school bus while building their home.









As adventurous as it might sound, this endeavor was no walk in the park. Gable was pursuing a double major in biology and dance while his fiancee worked toward a master’s degree in education. He wants to become a dance therapist.

Factor in their internships, exams, and even building the privacy fence around the property that Gable took on himself, the couple had their hands full. Gable’s fiancee couldn’t help out much with the construction side of things because she will soon deliver the couple’s first child–a son. The rush is on to finish the house.

“She’s due in two weeks and a half, so we kind of want to just hurry up and get moved in by that time,” Gable told KDFM News.

new home construction

LaTroy Gable Jr. and his fiancee saved their money while attending college and have almost completed construction of their new home.


These young people are just getting started in life, but they are already inspiring family, friends, and their new neighbors. Ernest Green has watched the couple’s progress from his home across the street. He admires what they have managed to pull off as most people their age are focused on more flashy, short-term goals like “fancy cars.” Green said that he was both “surprised and amazed.”

Gable acknowledged that it takes a lot of drive to accomplish what he and his future bride have. He said that you have to have that push to succeed.

“Always try to see if there’s a better way to go about the way you live,” Gable said. “Be humble and everything takes time.”

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