Teen Bursts Into Tears After Parents Give Him The Ultimate Gift For Earning All A’s

Posted On : 10/20/2018
Teen Bursts Into Tears After Parents Gift 'Straight A's' Surprise
Photo via Darnell Hicks / Facebook.

UNITED STATES — When others genuinely recognize your hard work and determination, it can have quite the emotional effect. That’s what happened when this teen’s parents decided to gift him with a token of appreciation for his years of academic dedication.


According to Facebook user Darnell Hicks, his son — Lance, 16 — has continuously shown academic promise and fortitude throughout his years in school. And while basically saying, “I see you, son,” Hicks provides his child a pretty nice motivational piece.

Via Facebook, Hicks mentions as follows.

“Straight A’s his entire life, and so many other academic accomplishments, he’s a sophomore and varsity football starter, had to bless him for his 16th birthday #SillySerious.”

As the video proceeds, Lance’s family walks him outside with a towel draped over his face. While guided by Darnell, they stop in full view of his son’s “gift.”

Removing the towel from his face, Lance sees a truck. It’s a little used, but it’s not bad at all for a 16-year-old’s first vehicle.

And the main thing showing Lance’s character? He’s grateful for it. He doesn’t respond like stereotypical kids, today — feeling entitled and unappreciative. No, Lance is humbled and thankful for his parents’s gift.

So, he approaches the truck as Darnell continues to talk to him, encouraging him along the way.

But as he gets closer, Lance bypasses the side of the house. And from the corner of his eye, he notices a huge ribbon attached to his real gift.

Check the video for yourself below.

Of course, the video has garnered a ton of public feedback from its viewers. Many note the refreshingly humble characteristics in Hicks’s son — as well as the fact he values education and success. There’s no substitution for that these days.

Facebook user Jessica Poindexter commented on the video as follows.

“All jokes aside, I get tired of the racism and the hate. I’m happy to see something so positive go viral. Darnell Hicks you’ve done a fine job raising a young black man that defines the odds, statistics and stereotypes. It raises the bar and shows that anything is possible even in Dayton Ohio we still have a chance to teach our children how to succeed.”

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[Featured Photo via Darnell Hicks / Facebook]

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