[Video] Mom Breaks Down In Court After Teen Daughter Gets 20 Yrs For Carjacking

Posted On : 06/28/2017

While no crime is acceptable, you have to wonder why this teen received 20 years for a carjacking attempt — all the while there are people being shot and raped whose offenders received 6 months.

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA — Ky’Andrea Cook, 18, stood in front of Circuit Court Judge Matthew Foxman as she received her sentencing. Cook was being charged with carjacking, attempted carjacking with a deadly weapon, and battery — even though all she did was lure the victim to the scene.

Prior to sentencing, Cook had written the judge a letter explaining she was an honor student at Mainland High School and did not pull the trigger during the incident. Her appeal fell on deaf ears.

The judge announced as follows.

“This was intentional. It was an orchestrated ambush. And you are a main part of that. For that, I’m going to adjudicate you guilty for all three charges and sentence you to 20 years in state prison.”

Immediately upon hearing her sentence, Cooks mother — Lashawnda Hughes — wailed out. Her cries were so loud that the judge had to repeat the sentence for the clerk.

After hearing her mother cry, Cook began to lose it as well.

Teen Receives 20 Years For Carjacking... ...'Carjacking', Folks! I
Ky’Andrea Cook as she listens to her mother cry out for her. While the teen deserves jail time, isn’t 20 years a bit overkill?

Both mother and daughter had to be escorted from of the courtroom.

Teen Receives 20 Years For Carjacking... ...'Carjacking', Folks! II
Cook’s mother being helped out of the the courtroom.

The source mentions that the teen received 20 years for the carjacking charge. However, the other two charges were 15 years each, and they are running concurrently with her carjacking charge.

Worse, Cook was possibly going to get a life sentence for conspiracy. However, as part of her plea agreement, the conspiracy charge was dropped.

If you’re interested in the video footage, you can watch below.

WARNING: The following video contains sensitive material. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here’s what happened…

According to Daytona Beach News-Journal, Cook used a dating app — MeetMe — to lure 27-year-old Perry Nida to a secluded location. Supposedly, she and the man were supposed to exchange drugs and have sex.

However, once Cook and the man met, she told him she needed to get money, according to the source. But when she came back to the car, she allegedly had her boyfriend with her — who got in the back seat and pointed a gun at the man.

Apparently, the man had 17-year-old Immanuel Pursel with him. Both Nida and Pursel were told to exit the truck. However, Pursel pushed Cook’s boyfriend out of the vehicle.

That’s when he fired off two shots. One of the shots missed the Pursel’s heart by half an inch. The bullet is now lodged in his pelvis, and doctors say it’s more dangerous to remove than it is to let stay.

While this is tragic…

This was, indeed, a crime. Likewise, for Cook’s involvement in the situation, she deserves to be punished. However, 20 years?

There are people committing far worse crimes, including murder, who are getting off with less than 10 years.

Do you think this crime was worth 20 years? Surely, she does deserve some jail time. But, 20 years for setting up a carjacking?

White boys are out here raping women and getting off with “time-served,” simply because the judge doesn’t want to tarnish their college reputation.

What kind of crap is that?

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