Teen With No Record Gets 5 Years Jail, 10 Years Probation After Stealing Pair Of Shoes

Posted On : 06/04/2018

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA — A teen has now been sentenced to more than a decade of punishment, all due to a pair of Nike shoes. Here’s what happened.

According to Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Dayonn Davis — who is now 18 years old — was 15 at the time of the crime. The source says Davis stole a pair of Nike “Oreos” from an owner who attempted to sell the shoes via Facebook.

As current, unfortunately for Davis, he’s about to spend 5 years in prison and 10 on probation.


The Enquirer reports that prosecutor Sadhana Dailey mentioned Davis had made contact with the shoes’ owner after viewing the sales page on Facebook.

Accordingly, the two scheduled an exchange for January 17, 2016. It was supposed to take place at Shirley B. Winston Park — 5025 Steam Mill Road.

When the date arrived, Davis came to the location with another male as company. Supposedly, Davis and the seller agreed for him to first try on the shoes.

However, after finding they fit his size, he reportedly told the seller: “These shoes is took.”


According to the source, upon this discovery, Davis’ accomplice pulled out a gun — quickly elevating the situation to “armed robbery” status. So, after seeing the weapon, everyone scattered.

Reports indicate that Columbus police tracked down Davis pretty fast. Likewise, they found the stolen shoes in his closet.

Moreover, as regards Davis’ accomplice, the source reports that he didn’t initially name the second suspect. Yet, eventually he did.

Nevertheless, the victim couldn’t identify the person who Davis named as the gunman during a photo lineup. So, right now, Davis is the only one who’s going to pay for the crime.


Earlier this week, defense attorney Susan Henderson told the judge that her client — Dayonn Davis, who is charged as an adult — had no previous juvenile record.

According to Henderson, Davis has been “extremely remorseful” regarding the crime. She says Davis has been trying to put the situation behind him and move on.

“He’s got his life on track now,” the attorney mentioned to Judge Peters.

She also added that Davis had been an A and B student at Kendrick High School, before his grades dropped after the arrest.

Reportedly, Davis had no idea his accomplice would pull a gun that day. During the sentencing, Davis told Judge Peters he had made an immature mistake.

“I was young at the time, so I wasn’t in my right mind.”

Too, Davis’ mother spoke on his behalf, informing the judge that her son had “been with the wrong person,” as the source reports.

However, Peters didn’t accept that and stated as follows.

“Maybe he’s the wrong person [regarding who pulled the gun]. He’s the one with the shoes in his closet.”

And although Davis may or may not have intended for anyone to pull a gun, he did plan to take the shoes when he set up the meeting, according to the judge.

Peters mentioned: “I don’t get that. Must be some valuable shoes.”

“Now a teen who had no record will go to prison — for a pair of shoes,” Peters continued.


According to the assistant police chief, Gil Slouchick, it’s not unusual for young adults and teens to get robbed for their shoes. It’s been happening for quite some time.

“I think it’s because the value of the shoes has gone up. It’s something now that’s worth more than it used to be…Tennis shoes are expensive nowadays. I guess it’s because of the expense.”

However, as regards Black lives, the reward is simply not worth the risk of going to jail and throwing away your life. Why make the choice to potentially make yourself part of the system, at all? Especially knowing it’s already rigged against you…

Now, he’ll get out of jail at 23 and off probation at 33 — and that’s granted nothing else happens between that time to add to his current sentence.

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