[Video] Wait For It! Teen Bullies Elder Man, But Learns HARD Lesson

Posted On : 04/10/2017

This lesson in respect is well-worth the wait. While this teen thinks he’s an alpha male, he finds out his chin is BETA weak.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — In this age of “going viral,” it’s no secret that people will do just about anything to get their moment of social fame.

Well, in this situation, a teen showed his a** via an insurmountable degree of disrespect.


For what appears as the longest 3 minutes ever, bystanders watch as the teen terrorizes an elder man.

‘Old School’…

The video was recorded by Johnson & Wales University (JWU) student, Solomon Gilliam.

Aside from Gilliam recording, you can see that there were a room full of youth watching the situation take place.

Seemingly, no one was going to help. One of the women was constantly asking the men and other young boys if they were ever going to step in.

Teen Bully - Super Hero

However, almost out of nowhere…JUSTICE! Watch the video for yourself below.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Yes, yes, yes. That chin felt the magic!

Take a Moment

As you clearly watched, this teenage bully wasn’t about that life at all.

Teen Bully IV - Pow

Dazed, confused, and embarrassed beyond focus.

The lesson was great, and surely the boy learned a new level of respect.

Teen Bully V - Embarrassed

However, why did it take so freaking long for it to happening. There’s no telling how long the teen had been bullying the man before the hero came downstairs.

As Krys Armstrong mentions in the video’s comments, the bystanders might need similar assistance later in life.

“Let’s just reflect here. Not of the young man fighting the old. The young just watching. You will be placed in the old shoes one day.”

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