Arrested Teacher ‘Appalled’ By Officer’s Treatment During School Board Meeting

Posted On : 01/11/2018

ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA — This teacher found herself on the wrong side of “America” during a recent school board meeting. It’s insanely interesting how people can see things when it directly affects them, right?

Note: They’re currently calling her a hero for standing up against the police officer. Yet, when Blacks do THIS VERY THING, we’re called thugs and worse, right? Check out this story.

Deyshia Hargrave is a fifth- and sixth-grade teacher who recently stood up at a Vermilion Parish school board meeting on Monday.


She’s had an issue with the proposed raise the school’s superintendent is set to receive. Supposedly, his raise is 27 percent…roughly a $38,000 increase.

Well, the issue for Hargrave was that — if anyone should receive any type of raise — it should be those who directly interact with the students and aspects of daily education.

She stated the following to the school board superintendent.

“You’re making our job even more difficult. A superintendent or any person in a position of leadership getting any type of raise, I feel like it’s a slap in the face to all the teachers, cafeteria workers, and any other support staff we have.”

While trying to state her position, the board was attempting to silence her by banging a gavel. Well, one of the city marshals, Reggie Hilts, stepped in and tried to escort her out of the board meeting, without arrest.


KATC happened to get video of the situation as it played out. You can hear her screaming at the officer, “What are you doing!?”

Of course, he tells her to stop resisting.

But, she doesn’t because that’s a regular human instinct to resist being wrongfully done, right? #TheIrony.

Hargrave exclaims as follows.

“I’m am not! You just pushed me to the floor! I am way smaller than you!”

You can check out the video footage for yourself, below.

According to CNN, Deyshia Hargrave says she’s completely “appalled.”

By silencing my voice they’ve also taken away, or tried to take away, my First Amendment rights to speak. And I am appalled at this and you should be, too,” Hargrave states.


Hargrave, English Language Arts teacher at Rene Rost Middle School, wants others to attend school board meetings and not be afraid to give their opinions — regardless of what happened to her.

“I’m hoping that you choose to speak out after seeing what happened to me and you don’t let it become an intimidation to you, you let it become your strength. Because it’s slowly becoming mine.”

The teachers’ association president, Debbie Meaux, said there will be a rally on Thursday, January 11, in Abbeville where the board meeting was held.

The arrest of middle school educator … Deyshia Hargrave is a chilling infringement on her rights but educators will not be silenced,” Meaux mentions.


According to CNN, Hargrave was booked into the Abbeville jail — accused of remaining after being forbidden and resisting an officer. But, she paid bail and was released.

In addition, interestingly enough, Ike Funderburk — Abbeville’s city attorney and prosecutor — says he won’t be prosecuting the teacher.

Note: But an officer can d**n-near break a Black girl’s neck by slinging her out of her desk and across the room…yet she ends up being the one punished?

And had Hargrave been a Black woman, you know things would’ve gone totally different. There definitely would’ve been charges filed against her, WITH a high bail — if one were given at all.

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