Teacher Accused Of Attacking Student For Not Tucking In His Shirt

Posted On : 02/23/2019
Keith Evans photo
DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA — A teacher is now facing criminal charges following allegations that he attacked a 14-year-old student over an untucked shirt.

In November 2018, Sharon Hepburn said she received a call from her son Julian Butler’s school, claiming he was in a violent encounter with one of his teachers, Keith Evans.

It was alleged that Evans instructed the teen to tuck his shirt into his pants, and when it wasn’t done to his liking, a fight ensued.

Evans reportedly grabbed Butler by his neck, choked him, and slammed his head on a desk.

“I was hurt. It actually made me cry because that’s not what I send my son to school for,” Hepburn said after learning about the incident.

She became more enraged when an investigation led to her son’s arrest.

He was charged with simple battery.

Now, Hepburn wants Evans to face the same charges.

Hepburn stated that it doesn’t matter if Butler “ran his mouth or not” after he was asked to tuck his shirt into his pants because it didn’t give his teacher the right to attack her son.

She showed pictures of her son’s bruised neck to a judge in which she claimed happened during the incident.

Hepburn said the incident was one of the worst days of her life, and the photos are a reminder of that.

According to WSBTV, her testimony, along with the photos, prompted authorities to issue a warrant for the teacher’s arrest.

He is now facing simple battery charges.

Evans’ attorney, Yari D. Lawson, argues that Butler’s injuries were not caused by his client.

Lawson said, “My client was attacked first, and that’s the part of this entire scenario that’s so confusing, so sad. The mother’s upset her kid was charged with simple battery for attacking my client, so now she’s trying to get back at my client.”

DeKalb County School District released a statement, stating that the safety of their students is their primary concern and because of that, they removed Evans from the classroom.

School officials placed him on paid administrative leave, but that may change depending on the outcome of the investigation.

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