Ex-Girlfriend Shoots Up Home With Pregnant Woman And Three Kids Inside

Posted On : 08/21/2018

Ex-Girlfriend Shoots Up Home With Pregnant Woman And Three Kids Inside

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Here’s a ruthless example of a controlling ex with no morals. This woman literally shot up a house filled with people, including children. She apparently didn’t care who she’d possibly hit.

According to Fox 13, on Tuesday, a southeast Memphis residence was littered with bullets — even while seven people were inside, including a pregnant woman and three children.

The source says police were called to the 8500 block of Meadow Vale Drive to respond to an aggravated assault.

Reportedly, the family was in the kitchen. Suddenly, they heard several shots being fired into their home.

Fox 13 notes that the family’s home was struck six times. Likewise, a Yukon SUV was parked in the garage; it was hit once.

There was alleged damage to the garage door, brick walls inside the house, and one of the residence windows.

During the investigation, the source says detectives recovered twelve .40 caliber shell casings from the scene.


According to the source, Memphis authorities obtained footage showing two vehicles approaching the house where the incident happened.

Reportedly, the victim told Memphis police that she was receiving harassing text messages and calls from her boyfriend’s ex — the mother of his child — Naudia Goodman, 21.

Authorities note that one of those text messages read, “Tell him [the boyfriend] to come outside.”

Moreover, officers state there were many different text messages. In those that she received, Goodman is seen calling the current girlfriend several derogatory names and terms. This was even after she asked Goodman to stop texting her.

As the source reports, another witness was on the scene and saw two women in the first vehicle. The witness told authorities that Goodman was one of those women.

She’s been charged with eight counts of:

  • aggravated assault
  • reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon
  • vandalism
  • and harassment.

Currently, Goodman’s bond is $75,000.

Via Facebook, various people have expressed that they can’t believe Goodman was caught up in something like this.

However, if she was really a different type of person some time ago — contrary to popular belief — people do actually change over time.

It’s rare that people stay the same; either they become better people…or worse people. But staying the same is a rare occurrence.

There’s a lot she’ll have to account for regarding this situation, especially with the children. “Reckless endangerment.” She could’ve shot the children in the residence if they were in any location where the bullets penetrated.

Yet, judging by her actions, that’s possibly not something about which she cared.

If you’re interested in local coverage, check the video below.

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[Featured Photo via Memphis Police Department / Facebook]

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